All about Stripes

Stripes, as we all know is an everlasting print. It can never go out of fashion and can find its way through any medium, any element or design. There are so many books just based on it because stripe itself is made up of small different theories and assumptions.

Principles of Design can be shown with the help of stripes as the print is very versatile and eye-catchy. You can observe its movements and see how your body looks different with different kinds of stripes.

Basic kinds of Stripes and their impact on Bodies

1. Horizontal Stripes : Horizontal Stripes goes from left to right and it’s very appealing. Wearing horizontal lines can make you look wider.

2. Vertical Stripes : Vertical Stripes goes from up to down. It can make you look taller and leaner.

3. Pin Stripes : As the name suggests, it’s as thin as a pin. Also, It’s really trending right now. Thin stripes can make you look thinner. Although, results will vary with the amount of space between the lines.

4. Awning/Wide Stripes : These are the opposite of Pin stripes and are very wide. They’ll surely make you look wider!

How to choose a suitable stripe for yourself

There is still a huge debate going on whether horizontal lines are more slimmering or the vertical. Helmholtz Illusion of Fashion states that Horizontal lines are more slimmering unless they’re put inside a shape. Now, people are applying there own theories to prove it wrong.

As far as I’ve observed, horizontal lines have always been making me look wider. Vertical lines go best for curvaceous women because it works as a body silhouette. Thickness of lines also matters A LOT. It’s directly proportional to our bodies. Thinner the lines, thinner you look. Wider the lines, wider you look.

Black & White lines are the most slimmering of all. Hairline black and white lines can make your body seem flatter. Whereas, multicolored stripes will do the opposite for you. So, choose your stripes wisely. You wouldn’t want to go for thick stripes if you want to look lean and petite women should definitely choose multicolored medium lines. If you are short, vertical lines is your bestfriend as it helps elongating the height.

How to rock stripes on stripes

1. Seperate them by belts

Stripes impulsively worn can look out of fashion and a bit shabby. Seperating different stripes with the help of belt, even corset belt can really up the game. Here, I wore my striped shirt over striped one-piece and hid the adjuction with black broad belt. This method is also a great way to give an illusion of your desired body structure.

2. Combine different color palettes

You have absolutely no need to restrict your color codes. You can go beyond whites and blacks and still slay! I chose white+black color palette with white+black+red and it looks pretty dope. Remember, distance between the lines also matter. It might not have looked good with garments having similar spaces between the lines.

3. Print block!

β€’ I’m not sure if there is a term like that but you get the gist, right? Block the on going print with a contrasting splash. Here, cerise pink(dark punch) blocked the stripes really well. Knotting two shirts together is in trend so, make a good use of it.

β€’ Here’s another way on how to print block. Print block is a good way to let people know that you’re not obsessed over a particular print.

β€’ Print block with the help of other prints. When it comes to prints on prints, people usually go for intricate work garments but let’s not stop it right there. Any intricate or floral work with a touch of western harmonize the look in its own way and it does make heads turn.

6. Read between the lines

I said it before and I’ll say it again, always be conscious about what kinds of stripes are you putting together. Uniting wrong stripes can backfire. Imagine the stripes on the shirt I’m wearing is on all the other garments as well. Not flattering, is it? There are some exceptions like three-piece suits or co-ords with well-suited stripes can change the whole game.

So, that’s all. These are just some examples of how to put stripes together. I understand that we all own different kinds of it so, this is just a guide on how to put them together wisely.

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Tribal Fashion can be best comprehended by gaining a deeper understanding of your own tribe and culture. India can be taken as an everlasting example for this as India is socially, culturally and linguistically very diverse. The Culture and Heritage of India is boldly and beautifully inspired by art, music and other creative forms. Different parts of India follows different clothing and traditions.

Tribal Fashion includes exotic, exciting and unusual prints, most of which are inspired by Indian tribes. The intricate and eye-catchy prints and patterns is what makes Tribal Fashion the talk of the town. They are fine-detailed and beautifully handcrafted using various threads and pins followed by embellishments.

It’s not just about clothing, accessories used in Tribal Fashion gives fascinating touch to the look. India always choose vibrancy over subtlety. Creativity manifolds and brings out the best work here. Tribal Jewelry is enriched with class of beads, mirrors, grains and what not. Orissa is well-known for handicraft development and makes beguiling wall-hangings, handbags and a lot more.

India’s Indigenous Prints

1. A J R A K H

Ajrakh is an ancient block-printing method on textiles that originated in the presentday provinces of Sindh in Pakistan and the neighbouring Indian districts of Kutch in Gujarat and Barmer in Rajasthan. At present, the Khatri community is engrossed in consistently producing Ajrakh printed fabric of supreme quality in Ajrakhpur village in Kutch and also Barmer.

Ajrakh printing gives a very eco-friendly touch to every fabric as its major colors are derived from nature itself. This is evident in the aesthetics of the unification of its colours as well as motifs. Common colours used while making these patterns include blue, red, black, yellow and green. However, the colour palette is not restricted to just these colours only. Ajrakh printing uses natural dyes that include both vegetable dyes and mineral dyes, with Indigo being the key dye.

The traditional colours found in ajrakh printing are deep, which symbolise nature. Crimson red symbolizes the earth, and indigo blue symbolises twilight. Black and white are used with a view to outline motifs and define symmetrical designs.

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2. P A I S L E Y

From its ancient Persian and Indian origins with its hidden messages and mysterious symbolism, the iconic motif has had quite a journey. The paisley pattern has travelled the silk routes from East to West, adorned the bandanas of cowboys and bikers, been adopted by the 19th Century boho set, been popularised by The Beatles, ushered in the hippy era and become an emblem of rock β€˜n’ roll swagger and swank. And the Scottish city of Paisley, whose textiles history is intertwined with the famous print, is now bidding  to be  UK City of Culture for 2021.

Paisley is a fine timeless print which settled its routes in Bohemian and wild Lookbooks. Gaining wide popularity in Indian fusion and tribes, Paisley prints can also be seen in executive and contemporary couture.

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3. B A G H

Bagh is yet another form of thappa chappai or block printing with natural colours crafted with vegetable dyes. It has evolved from a rudimentary tribal art to an invaluable part of the heritage and cultural identity of Madhya Pradesh. Bagh is actually a small tribe in Dhar, MP.

The traditional designs are inspired by nature, the ancient Bagh Cave paintings, and the jali (lattice) work of the Taj Mahal. Each block has name: chameli (jasmine), maithir (mushroom), leheriya (waves), keri (mango), and jurvaria (small dots).

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4. S A N G A N E R I

The Sanganeri printing technique developed between the 16th and 17th century. The constant wars between the Mughals and Marathas caused several craftsmen to migrate from Gujarat to Rajasthan. This craft ultimately found its haven in Sanganer, where it has been thriving ever since.

Blocks are carved by taking inspiration from Royal patronage and rich heritage most of which are flora and curved lines combined to make a beautiful artwork.

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I really enjoyed writing this blog as it made me realise how Indian Heritage is boundless when it comes to art. Above mentioned prints are all derived from block printing, most of them came into existence or are sustained by talented and creative people living in Rural Parts of India. Albeit, these are one of the popular known prints, there are several other classic and historical prints like Bagru, Ikat, Kalamkari etc. which can be seen stamped on our regular shawls, bedsheets, kurtis and what not.

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‘That 70s Show’ Inspired Outfits

That 70s Show is a fun and hilarious American sitcom based around a group of 6 Friends. The Show is perfect not only for a binge session on the weekends but also to watch how characters changed and ensembled their styles over this period of time.

Before talking about the show’s smart amalgamation of styles, it’s important to know what men and women in 1970s wore and how the clothing was modified and evolved over the period of 1970-1979.

1970s Fashion

Early 70s

For women, the basic and popular styles included were bell bottom pants and maxi dresses accessorized with scarves and beaded/feathered/wooden jewelry. Skirt length was mostly below knee.

Although they carried the 60s hippie look, but some women went for flared pants, cardigans with colors giving the feminine touch.

Men also chose bell bottom or flared pants as their basic 70s look paired with frilled shirts or broad lapel blazers.

Mid 70s

In the mid 70s, both men and women dropped the wild look and graphic tees or other causal outfits came into fashion. Pants were straighter and collars were European.

With the rise of female working class, formal suits also arrived as a popular fashion look with bodycon blouses, tailored blazers and midi skirts.

Late 70s

Disco style took over everything in the late 70s. Sequins and spandex were two most popular fabrics.

Aside the shimmery sets of disco, for casuals, women started wearing revealing clothes like fitted shirts, strapless tops/tube tops, baggie pants and silhouette most used was inverted triangle.

Whereas, Men started wearing activewear like tracksuits, jumpsuits and cardigans. Color palette changed from pastels to earth tones like brown, grey and tans.

Character based Inspired Outfits from That 70s Show

1. Jackie Burkhart


Jackie is to That 70s show what Rachel is to Friends. Jackie, no doubt, gave major girly fashion and all her clothes be it midi skirts or maxi dresses were mostly covered in prints.



– Outfits inspired by Jackie –

2. Steven Hyde


It’s his USP and now that it’s back in fashion, don’t you dig those?



– Outfits inspired by Hyde –

3. Michael Kelso



Much needed cutie.

– Outfits inspired by Kelso –

3. Donna Pinciotti

Her surname, no doubt is very complicated but her dressing sense was simple and sophisticated throughout the show.





Outfits inspired by Donna

4. Eric Forman

Just like his behaviour, his style was also neat, clean and formal.



– Outfits inspired by Eric –

6) Fez

We don’t know his name and religion, but we surely know how much he loved his printed shirts.

I never really liked his dressing sense but he sure is one heck of a guy!

Well, Okay Fez.

– Outfits inspired by Fez –

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8 ways to style your oversized pants/jeans

Oversized pants, or wide-leg pants, or baggy pants are those which are loose-fitted and bigger in size.

Amidst the trend of skinny jeans, oversized pants and jeans are giving Fashion a pragmatic turn.

However, people either throw it off or downsize it instead of being experimental. They can look lousy when not worn correctly but if you pair it with right garments and accountrements, they can look really chic and debonair.

Here, I’m going to tell you 8 amazing ways which can make you look stylish wearing those baggy pants!

1. Fitted Tops

If you pair loose items, they’re surely going to make you look lousy. Anything which hugs your body like bodycons or bralettes, basically, anything fitted can neutralize your whole look.

Wide-leg pants with fitted tees

2. Accessorize it

Accessories are so underrated. We don’t see how it can make our outfit excessively better. Chains, belts, pendants, hats, bracelets and what not can level-up our style if chosen correctly. For baggy pants, I recommend going for statement belts, they can give your look a commendable change. If you want to experiment more, take a scarf, adjoin it with two loops given on the waistband and tighten it by making a bow out of it. It’ll look amazing!

Accessorizing baggy pants with chains and belts

3. Turn it into sweatpants!

Step-1 : Fold the ankles of your pants.

Step-2 : Take an elastic band and put it over the folded hem.

Step-3 : Turn it over and you’ll see elastic band holding the whole edge making gathers.

Baggy pants turned into sweatpants

4. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are so in and all for the right reasons. They make you look so cool and relaxed, plus, there are so many ways to style it. You can make a knot or tuck it in, and it’s going to look fabulous in every way.

Baggy pants with graphic tees

5. Bum bags

Bum bags consist of a small pouch which can be worn around the waist or hip. They go pretty much well with everything and are really portable.

Baggy pants paired with bumbags

6. Sweats!

Oversized pants paired with cropped sweats or hoodies give away a street style look. Many celebrities go out wearing this look and make it look worthwhile. Sweats with loose pants can also make an amazing airport look!

Baggy pants with sweats

7. Fold it!

If your pants are oversized then they’re most probably going to be longer than your legs. To correct it, make a cuff by folding it. It will not only stop distrubing your feet but also make you look smarter and more proportionate.

Baggy pants turned into cuffed pants

8. Go Executive!

Why limiting baggy pants to streets and airports when you can go to office wearing those pants as well? Yes, with proper coordination, you can actually go to office wearing your oversized pants. It’ll give a really nice semi-formal look. The main gist of this whole change can be given by coats and shirts.

Oversized jeans and pants paired with coats

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How FRIENDS TV series still inspire our wardrobes!

Every decade involves a unique sense of style which gets repeated every 10 years.

About 1990s clothing

Many trends from the late 1980s carried over to the early 90s, including the use of fluorescent colors on sweatpants, t-shirts, parachute pants, and jackets. The most popular clothing colors were blue, green, orange, pink, and yellow, often paired together in patterns inspired by comic book and pop art.

90s looks for women included tailored skirt and pantsuits, slip dresses, hot pants, and skirts in satin, metallic, sequin, and vinyl fabrics. Animal prints and bright colors were popular carryovers from the early 1990s.

Men’s clothing also featured bold prints, the most common being Hawaiian and paisley patterns, sports jerseys, graphic t-shirts, leather jackets, and velvet blazers.

Friends is a hilarious American sitcom which revolves around the lives of 6 Friends. One more reason why it’s so popular is because the outfits which characters wore are really appealing to the masses and every character has its own sense of style. So, here we will see how all the characters inspired us.

1. Rachel Greene

Rachel has always been the style icon. Everyone looked upon her and couldn’t stop gazing at her on-point, up-to-trend outfits. She worked under Bloomingdale’s and then Ralph Lauren so people also got to see her chic work codes.

A) PLAIDS : Rachel was a big fan of plaids/checks/ginghams. Most of her outfits were in these patterns and no doubt, even now, it’s in trend and people love it! Plaids were mostly seen in the skirts and leggings she wore.

B) OVERALLS : Rachel wore variety of overalls varied in colors and fabrics like once she wore a burgundy colored skirt overall in Corduroy. People loved her black/denim timeless dungarees.

C) SLIP DRESSES : We love how she carried her elegant slip dresses. One where she wore Red slip dress for an award function was commendable.

D) WORK CLOTHES : How she carried her work clothes is hands down, very inspiring and we all can still look upon that. Be it Knee length pencil skirt with blazer or Blazer paired with a casual tee, She nailed all her looks!

These are some of the outfits I recreated of Rachel

2. Monice Geller

Monica had a very clean, simple and sophisticated style. She was mostly seen in neutral colors or achromatics which we all can still wear.

A) WHITE SHIRTS : Monica paired her white shirts with jeans, suspenders and even skirts and looked amazing in all of them. White shirts are wardrobe staple and they can never go off trend.

B) CARDIGANS : When we think about cardigans, we usually pair them with mature clothes but Monica changed the tangent and made us believe in the importance of cardigans for every age.

C) SUSPENDERS : Suspenders had a big hype in 90s and they’re back again and people love them. They change the whole look of the garment and make it more fashionable

These are some of the outfits I recreated of Monica

3. Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe has been an underrated character when it comes to fashion but personally, I believe that she had the most unique and extraordinary sense of fashion (Sorry, Rachel). She was always a step ahead. From her European style clothing in the earlier seasons till the end where she still looked vibrant, boho and free-spirited, she looked amazing! She always wore some statement jewellery and her rings are priceless.

A) OVERSIZED SWEATSHIRTS : Cute and comfy oversized sweatshirts were mostly worn by Phoebe and I don’t think they can ever go off the style. Comfort is one such thing people now count on.

B) COATS : How can one forget the kinds of coats she wore. Printed, fur, long, lapeled, so many kinds of coats were introduced through her.

C) RETRO : She was mostly seen in vintage outfits with endless prints and patterns. Her vibrancy was shown with her bohemian style.

These are some of the outfits I recreated of Phoebe

Now, coming to the boys, they were not much popular for the clothes they carried yet there are some of their styles which we can wear and kill it!

4. Joey Tribbiani

Joey always had a way with women and we cannot not love his unisex purse. He didn’t play with lots of hues but whatever he wore, looked great!

A) LEATHER JACKETS : He was a huge fan of leather jackets. Be it for his interviews or casual dates, he was mostly seen wearing that and of course, these jackets can never go out of demand.

B) Layering : We all remeber that scene where he wore all the clothes of Chandler and did lunges. Obviously, I can’t say that wearing thousands of pieces all at once is a great idea but how about wearing a shirt then a jacket and then a trench coat?

These are some of the outfits I recreated of Joey

5. Chandler Bing

There were rare scenes when we saw him without his vests. Chandler, indeed, wore great outfits the whole time.

A) VESTS : He loved his vests and we can all agree on that. Like his wife, he also wasn’t the big fan of bold colors. We can all still get inspired of how he paired his vests with shirts.

B) PRINTED SHIRTS : Printed shirts, even today, are still eye-catchy and his symmetrical printed shirts are such an inspiration.

These are some of the outfits I recreated of Chandler

6. Ross Geller

Ross, The Smarty pants was mostly seen wearing his work clothes and we still can’t get enough of it. Besides that, He mostly wore clothes with horizontal lines and they looked pretty nice. Fun fact : Horizontal lines makes you look wider whereas Vertical makes you look lean.

A) BLAZERS : Blazers were Ross’ bestfriends. He usually paired it with casuals. The scene where he paired regular sweatshirt with a Blazer is my favourite!

B) KNITTED SWEATERS : His sweaters were really cute and we still can’t forget how comfortable they are.

These are some of the outfits I recreated of Ross



Friends characters sometimes wore denim over denims and it really looked amazing. We often pair our Denim jeans with statement tops or shirts but we can’t say it was an odd fashion when Monica wore denim shirt over her denim jeans. Even Ross gave a really nice Airport look when he layered his denims.


Friends characters often restricted their dress code to Black-and-whites and gave a pretty much semi-casual look.


White shoes is an essential because they literally goes with everything. It can make you look really cool and funky and so did our Friends characters have said.

In a nutshell, Friends gave us an amazing inspiration in terms of Fashion as well. From Phoebe‘s Vibrant prints to Monica‘s subtle color code to Ross‘s cute sweaters to Rachel‘s Chic outfits to Chandler‘s vests to Joey‘s leather jackets, The 10-year series gave us so much more than just laughters.

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There are various ways to achieve a chic, expensive and a confident look without sacrificing much of your money and time.

Fashion, as we know, changes every now and then but Chic, The class is timeless.

Your Lousy clothes, most of the times, can be directly proportional to your Lousy mood. An effortlessly chic and classy look can make your day brighter and positive.

I hope to shed some light on the importance of subtle and plain clothes and how the most simple can make you elegant and confident.

Fashion is a personal choice so feel free to modify these tips according to you.

6 ways on how to effortlessly look chic

  1. PUT AN END TO PRINTS AND PATTERNS – Prints and patterns like floral, animal or checkered can not create the statement the way solid colors can. Color blocking your closet can open wide variety of options to choose from. For example; A plain white tee can make a really strong statement. Plain fitted crop top with a pencil skirt or even skinny jeans will seem like a statement piece if you mix and match cleverly. On that note, here’s a tip : Always go for silhouettes that will flatter your body type. Prints, on the other hand, can distract people and hide silhouettes.

2. CHOOSE NECKLINES THAT WILL EMBRACE YOUR SHOULDERS – Going for the right necklines is a very crucial step. Different necklines suit different body types. Halter neck is best suited for curvy body whereas, off-shoulders go best with lean body. Believe me when I say, showing off your collar bone is very elegant and chic!

3. GOLDEN JEWELRY IS A GAME CHANGER – Gold is something which people lures. It gives you an expensive edge. FYI, it doesn’t have to be made of Gold. Simple gold polished neck pieces or earrings can change the whole look. Minimalism is in, even one piece of accessory is enough if it’s worth it. You don’t have to wear million accessories just because the outfit is simple. A single neat pendant with off-shoulders can alter your outlook. Another example can be, Golden watches or bangles or even big golden hoops when your neck is already covered.

4. OPT FOR BOLD AND DARK LIPSTICKS – When I said bold, I certainly means Red. Red lipsticks have an undeniable power. It flourishes you with confidence and hands down, the most unavoidable and potent out of all the shades.

Many women throughout the history have sported hues of crimson and ruby lips to communicate their social status, leadership and great power. Dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra created her own shades of red by crushing ants and beetles. Queen Elizabeth wore red lipstick despite the 16th century belief that wearing red lipstick would challenge God.

Red lipsticks boosts courage and is a symbol of strength and elegance. There are although few hues which doesn’t complement with Reds, for that other dark lipsticks like burgundy or brown can work.

5. NEAT AND CLEAN HAIRSTYLE – Straight and sleek hair is always chic! Undone or frizzy hair can annihilate all the work you put on your clothing and accessories. If you’ve unwashed or dirty hair just put all of it right behind and make a clean and combed tight ponytail. Straight, sleek strands can be inimitably chic.

At the 2015 Met Gala, Reese Witherspoon wore her straight strands pushed back and tucked behind her ears as a simple- yet sophisticated look.

So, do not ever take straight hair for granted because it is an epitome of elegance.

6. FLATS OVER HIGH HEELS/STILETTOS – Now, smart and chic women are welcoming a fancy new trend of flats and sneakers. They’re choosing comfort over pressurized standards of make-believe fashion. Flats are no longer limited to casuals. There are a lot of brands and industries which are working on making it more classy and chic. It doesn’t mean that heels will diminish its value. Heels will always be appreciated for providing a lift. It makes you feel polished and powerful but now, Women are learning that a right flat shoe or ballerinas can do the same.


  • Keep your nails neat and clean.
  • Do not pair loose clothes, it will look shabby.
  • Do not go overboard with accessories.
  • Do not underestimate the power of belts.
  • Always keep up with the trend.

I’ve never seen elegance go out of style.


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