Fashion Illustration – HOW TO RENDER SEQUINS

Sequins is a type of trim made of plastic or metal. Sequins vary in size, shape and color. They can be glossy or matt, reversible or one-side. The most popular backing fabrics include tulle or chiffon.

Sequins is mainly popular because of the glam it brings on the fabric. It makes it party-wear and ultra-modern.

There are many kinds of Sequins but the most common are A. The Matte B. The Multi-colored C. The one -colored Glitter-y and D. The Shimmer

A. The Matte

The Matte Sequins doesn’t have any gloss or Blinking effect. It has a lusterless surface.

To make this, I used Brush pens and dotted the grey area while darkening the shadow areas side by side. Then I used the darker tone for highlighting.

B. The Multi-colored

As the name suggests, it involves more than one color. It can either imply to multi-colored fabrics and one colored sequins or different shades of sequins sewed to the plain fabric.

To get this, I used water colors and chose light ones for the base and then I used black to cover most of the shadow areas while adding another layer of hues. After that, I used White uni-ball gel pen to make the sequins.

C. The One-colored Glitter-y

It’s the most common and popular one. For this I again used Brush pens and rendered the whole dress leaving areas which are open to light. Then I started dotting all over it distinguishing shadow places from the light ones. After that, I used White pen to give the glitter effect. It’s a little time-consuming but it’s worth your time.

D. The Shimmer

It is more like a second version of (The multi-colored) except it’s not necessary for either fabric or sequins to have more than one hue. It takes time and patience to get the very look you want.

To get the look, I painted the base and highlighted it with the black water color. Then I used dark pens like black and dotted more on black base than on whites/pinks. The same I did for rest of the colors. I used colored pens for dotting. Hues I used were Pink, Red, White and black.

The other types of sequins can be;

1. The Over-sized Sequins 2. The Holographic/textured Sequins 3. The both sided colored Sequins 4.

So, That’s it. I Hope you got the gist of every type and do not forget to try it. You can DM me your practice on instagram

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Fashion Illustration – 2

How to give holographic effect with Staedtler Pencils

When people hear about holographic and iridescence effects it’s often used to describe colour shifting flecks that shine or pick up light.

On sheets, it’s usually done with the help of photo colors or water colors because with great amout of water it mixes gracefully but the drawbacks of doing with them are (I) It’s difficult to set your hand with it (II) Colors which are not complementary to each other can get mixed giving the whole new pattern

With Staedtlers, it’s easy to put different shades in areas we want.

There are 4 basic types of hologram:

1) Standard

2) Peach

3) Neon

4) Rainbow

You drop one color, and it’ll give you a whole different print.


Choose the right colors
– First thing which you should know about hologram is that it’s full of colors and different sets of shades gives a different print.

Start by taking the darkest hue and render anywhere you want. (Not too close, not too far)

Take a complementary(opposite-in this case, Yellow) hue of the above and start mixing with it.

Step 4
Take a monochromatic color(tints-in this case, pink) of Step 2 and fill the void by leaving out some space.

Render the left out places with a color of different family(in this case-green)

The most important step. Take a very less amount of water and smudge the colors by tapping and sliding gently. Do not be harsh otherwise the dominant color will take up rest of the colors.

Let it dry properly, take a white pen and highlight the areas accordingly.

That’s it, your holographic effect is ready. Do not lose hope if it doesn’t come out right at first, keep practicing!

DOs and DON’Ts

– Do not left it without taking the help of water.

– Do not take step7 for granted. Highlighting is important

– Try to smudge everything at one go.

– Pair the hues properly. (Like Pink+Blue)

This is the end result!!

I turned them into bookmarks, haha!

Okayyy, so, Thanks for reading! Hope you’ll learn something from it.

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