Jersey dresses are now almost everyone’s favorite because of its versatile demeanor. It’s made from comfortable fabrics like cotton blended with some synthetic material to make it stretchable. Jersey dresses are for everyone. Color palette is solid making it flexible enough to style it with anything or everything. It’s versatility touch heights but do you know what else is versatile? BLACK. We say “XYZ is the new black” albeit, we all know it’s irreplaceable.

Black jersey dresses can mold itself to any occassion if you style them right. Infact, monochromatic is evolved through Black.

A monochrome Art per se seems easy to perceive but the theory behind painting the outwardly effortless art appears to be known by few. The evolution of monochrome can be traced back to Paul Bilhaud’s Negroes Fighting in a Cellar at Night in 1982 and later expanded by another French figure. It didn’t get the major light as it was more or less a joke started by them. Inspired by the French artists, The official commencement of monochrome was done by Kazimir Malevich, the father of Suprematism who created his first monochrome painting Black Square, as a way to free art from the dead weight of the real world. Through Malevich’s Black Square, the idea of minimalism upgraded to different edges. The viewers, who used to ponder upon reality started tracing the textures and colors itself. The painting attracted contemporary artists and less is more was talk of the town.

Reasons why you should have a black jersey dress

1. It’s flexible/changeable.

2. It hugs your skin and not in a clingy way.

3. Doesn’t matter if you’re an apple, a pear or an hourglass, it’ll suit you.

4. It fits with every occasion. You have to go to work? Pair it with an overcoat. You have to attend a party? Wear some jewelry.

How To Rock Black-On-Black With Jersey Dress

1. Jersey Dress X Empire Look

Jersey dresses are very subtle. To make it more fun, pair it with a fitted bodice like crop top, corset, or even a bralette. Visual silhouette can be as flattering as seamed silhouette. Jersey dresses are more or less a-line so, you don’t have to worry about getting extra gathers. Black can come in handy as the color itself is bold enough to hide virtual as well as actual seams.

Napoleon’s first Empress “Josephine De Beauharnais” was influencial in popularizing empire line outfits.

2. Jersey Dress X Chic Look

If you want a feminine appearance, lace and fur are your bestfriends. Using both the fabrics isn’t that necessary, keeping it simple is better than overdoing it. Where fur will give you an expensive look, lace can fancy you up and what chic look is complete without a touch of gold in it? Gold gives a rich impression and to get that, accessorize yourself. You can go for a gold pendant, chain drop earrings, gold-toned belt, some pretty gold rings or Stiletto heels. Word of advice ; Try not to dive into the bundle full of Gold, that might not give you an effortlessly elegant look.

3. Jersey Dress X Preppy Look

Jersey dresses per se are very sporty. Preppy without plaids can take the whole vibe down a notch but you can still get the cheerleader look. Invest in subtle sweats and tights. If sweatshirts are too lousy for you then focus on below waist. Pair your dress with block pleated or mini skirts.

4. Jersey Dress X Biker Look

Biker look and leather goes hand in hand. Black being a dominating hue works well with the biker style. Leather jackets give a rugged and sharp vibe. To get biker look using jersey dress, first I turned it into a skater skirt and parted the dress with the help of a broad belt. Refrain yourself from jewelry and go as extravagant as you can add with blacks and/or leathers.

5. Jersey Dress X Indo-Western Look

We all know how fusion wear is taking an edge over full-fledged ethnic fashion. To get the comfortable fusion look with jersey dress, choose clothes with metallic touch like golden embroidery or bronze prints. Use jewelry for embellishments and focus on unique dupatta draping.

6. Jersey Dress X Layered Look

Layering is a smart way to enhance or alter your style. Layering can sometimes look shabby if you’re not sure about what clothes to use. Every piece should complement each other, it can be through color, texture or style in general. To go black-on-black either use tint of black (grey) or some jewelry for highlighting. Remember, at the end, it should look harmonious.

7. Jersey Dress X Executive Look

Don’t restrict your office wear to white shirts, blazers and narrow fit pants. Jersey dresses are already subtle so, it’s not very difficult to change its direction. Pair it with a semi-formal Shirt like in the given image, I’m wearing bell-sleeved shirt with tie collar. Be creative with belts and you’re more than good to go.

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No blouse? No problem. Here’s how you can slay in saree without your conventional blouse!

We all know how sarees are the quintessential part of India and as the festive season is approaching, its versatility is reaching every girl’s doorstep that too, for all the right reasons. Saree has been the part of our country since 5000 years. Infact, this is the only unstitched piece of clothing which survived till now without getting molded by the modern era. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Evolution of Sarees

Sarees can be dated back to Indus Valley civilization when women did not have a tailor she could reach out to. They used to get animal skin and drape it around to hide the essentials and that’s how it all started. After sometime, animal skins were substituted by cotton and weaved fabric. Do you know why they’ve always been unstitched?

Earlier, stitching was considered impure. Ancients looked at sewed garments as tainted and unholy. This is how they were passed on to future generations. So, what were the substitutes of petticoat and blouse? Looks like the art of draping isn’t that modern, afterall. Women back then used to convert nine-yard fabric into a 3-piece set. For the lower garment, they pleated 50% of the fabric neatly and then coming upward, they wrapped few yards around their torso leaving the rest of the fabric to cover their shoulders and hands. So, now that you think about it, blouses weren’t a part of saree in any form?

According to a report by the BBC, It was Jnanadanandini Debi, the wife of Satyendranath Tagore, brother of the famous Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore who popularised blouses, jackets, chemises and the modern style of the sari in India.

After some time, cotton sarees started getting competition from banarasi, chanderi, and various other sarees originating from different parts of the country. There are now 30 types of Sarees in India pertaining to Regional as well as Traditional parts of diverse states.

Coming back to the topic, there are distinct substitutes of blouses which you might want to look into because change is the only constant, right? Blouses, no doubt, will and always be the cruz of saree but what if you don’t have it? Here, I’ve 5 ways which can serve you with the same gratification.

5 Substitutes of Blouse


Camisoles are a life-saver because of so many ways you can style them in. Cropped camisoles are in trend and for all the right reasons. Wear it over exaggerated sleeves, or under tropical shrugs, they’ll surely going to fit in. Here, I’m wearing black velvet cami top with scallop neckline. I’ve paired this with almost everything I’ve till now be it with an overcoat or even a gharara. Albeit, I draped saree in a conventional way, camisole gave it a touch of modern.


In Fashion, midriff is a mid-region of Human Torso. It’s very similar to cami crop tops. The basic difference is cami crop top comes under midriff. Midriff may/may not include sleeves. As a substitute of blouse, I chose full-sleeved button-down midriff. Midriff is the best substitute of blouse as both of them are equally capable of doing the same thing.


I’m sure you saw this one coming. Bralettes are usually made out of stretchy, lacey material. Where exotic lace makes it appealing, stretchy fabrics make it comfortable as they do not need an opening. Preferable colors are Blacks and Whites as they goes with everything. Here, I decided to lose some pleats so, I can turn it into a 3-piece suit.


It’s not always about showing your midriff, some people like it covered and that’s when peplums arrive. Peplums or an overskirt is a great way to hide your skin with classy minimalism. Angrakha style peplums give it entailed ethnicity. Ofcourse, the drapes will fluctuate according to the size of peplum top.


Shirts scream formal. The best way to keep it tidy yet chic is by taking help from your jewelry box. Now, there are end number of ways to style your shirt and keep it tasteful and trendy according to the occasion. If it’s a work party, button up. If it’s a brunch party, off-shoulder-you-go or knot it out!

Sarees will always remain a classic and timeless staple. With varieties of saree hanging in your mom’s wardrobe, the styling will change with addition to blouse alternatives. Everybody has their own sense of style and they can always alter it to their own comfort.

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How to wear CO-ORD set like a BOSS

Co-ords (also known as Co-ordinates and three-piece outfits) is becoming a regular part of this generation. As the name suggests, “Coordinate” means matching outfits, clothes which synchronize with each other. Most of us got to know about this from famous fashion websites like Shein and Romwe. From their Semi-formal co-ords to comfy shorts paired with hoodies, Shein is really giving co-ord a trendy turn. Then came our celebrities who ditched their extra sequins gowns with trails covering all the stairs for designer co-ords. They are a big hit and will be staying for a pretty long time.

We all know how millennials are carrying the co-ords. The best part about it is that as they come together it took our burden off from ‘what upper garment will go with this lower garment’ or ‘Should I go with contrasting color scheme or monotones’. It’s a quotidian set and worth spending money for. Nevertheless, the fashionista in us make us experiment.

Talking about the elephant in the room, Co-ords for Executive Wear. The first thing which hit us are those regular three-piece suits with extra regular lapels paired with boring trouser and subtle shirt. That’s not the elephant though, it’s how to wear a party-wear co-ord set at your workplace. How to let your workforce know that you’re the boss not just because you’re brainy but because you look like one. So, I chose my leopard print Co-ord set which includes a bandeau and a pencil skirt. Can tube tops really be an alternative to blazers? Read more to find out.

Office wear don’t always have to be monotonous. Prints always manage to settle themselves or mold itself to different occasions. Although, print on print isn’t a good catch when you want to look professional. Taking a look at fabrics, sparkles, baggy/ripped jeans and see-through can hinder your look. The article is about looking like a boss and not an employee, so goal is to neutralize leopard print (the given co-ord) with garments which speak professionalism.


1. Voguish

It’s not just about what garment you’re using to look bossy but what kind of hairdo and accessories you complete your look with. Gold Chain Link-Drop earrings is a huge yes when it comes to executive wear. Also, a neat ponytail is always better than messy hair left open. I don’t even feel the need to describe how important white shirts are, right?

2. Au Courant

It’s an apt headline for this kind. Au Courant has two meanings ; (a) Well-informed (b) Fashionable

A boss should always pass these two traits. Being erudite with a touch of glamour. Here, I went for plain black A-link dress. As it’s a-line, it’s giving a fishtail effect. The whole look stated harmony when accessorized with broad black belt.

3. Drooling Over Frills

I agree that Boss should look uptight but minimal frill never hurt nobody. Blending your animal prints with achromatics (Colors without hues ; White, Black and Grey) can really get you the desired outcome. Frills can be anywhere, it can be on the sleeves, neckline, cuffs and even hemline. Make sure, it doesn’t get too frill-y otherwise it’ll lose the impact.

4. Versatility

Co-ords are meant to be versatile. In this context, Bandeau is a versatile piece of garment. I wore it as an accessory, as a scarf. Putting together ‘co-ords’ differently is another way to derive better results. You can even use it as a band and make a pony-tail or even as a hand-band.



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Monochromes X Earth Tones


Monochrome (mono ; single + chrome ; color) is a color scheme defined by single hue. It’s composed of tints and shades of single base color.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

For Instance, in the above image, the color wheel is composed of several hues and every color has its own tints and shades. Tints are achieved by adding white with the base color whereas, Shades are achieved by adding grey/black.

How to rock the monochrome trend?

Monochrome is when you take the lighter and Darker hues of one color and wear it? Yes, but you should know how to style it in a way that it looks intriguing. You must’ve unintentionally carried the monochrome look in your droopy days like putting on dark blue denim jeans and light blue denim shirt to buy some groceries. Yeah, that’s what it’s. Monochrome Fashion. The question is how to make it look more fascinating so, I’m giving away FOUR TIPS according to your body type and nature of clothing.


If you’ve a peer-shaped body then try to wear dark-toned trousers with light-toned blouses because dark hues tend to make us look slimmer. Light hues, on the other hand, make us look thicker. Peer-shaped body means wider hips and if it’s paired with darker tones then body will look more balanced.


Try to add some patterns and textures. Monochrome is not about plain and simple clothes. You can always choose to wear something with alluring textures.


Accessorize it. Why just stick with the clothes? Monochrome your accessorize out. For example, If you’re choosing Red then pair your crimson skater dress with burgundy bumbag and scarlet fur rubber band. Chic? Isn’t it?


Fabric sourcing is also important. Observe how the fabric acts because every color comes out different in different fabrics. Also, you can wear shimmer when it comes to monochrome. For example, Grey satin shirt with Silver shimmer pencil skirt and Glacier Grey Heels.

Introduction to Earth Tones

Now, we know what monochrome is and how we can style it. So, it’s time to restrict it to Earth tones.

What are Earth Tones?

Earth tones are the colors of nature. The color of soil, the leafy greens, the shades of sky. Basically, anything and everything which is natural comes in this scheme.

Basic Earth Tones

The Basic Earth tones are the tones with brown in it as brown being the color of soil holds a lot of Earthy tones.

Furthermore, Earth Tones are divided into WARM Earth Tones and COOL Earth Tones. The images given below will tell you some of the basic hues which are included in both the Earthy Tones.

Warm Earth Tones

Warm Earth Tones call out the warmth. Colors like Red and Orange make us feel welcome and cosy as they reminds us of sun.

Cool Earth Tones

Cool Earth Tones reminds us of soothing parts of nature like water and plants.

4 Ways To Wear Monochrome Outfits Using Earth Tones


Both Yellow and Dijon are the part of Yellow monochrome scheme as well as Warm Earth Tones. I love yellow monochromes as they really complement each other. Other ways to wear yellow tones are (I) Rust colored corset with mustard Accordion Skirt (II) Lemon colored Bralette with Cider Sailor Pants


Burgundy and Crepe comes under Red monochrome scheme and Warm Earth Tones. We all know that adding white to Red is how we create the tones of Pink. The hues of Red look very chic and feminine. The best way to carry it is by wearing monochromatic tiered Gown!


Greens and Olives are the part Green Monochrome Scheme and Cool Earth Tones. Green monochromes evoke nature and wildlife. If you’re a nature-lover then you know, this is your pigment. They go mostly well with fitted clothes.


Greys and Blacks are the epitome of Cool Earth Tones and Monochromatic Color Scheme. The Grayscale, blacks and whites are all included in it. They’re flattering and goes well with everything.

The Monochrome trend is going to go a long way because of its easy-going nevertheless, fascinating nature. So, hop on to this trend and make heads turn! It’s not about what you wear, it’s about how you wear it.

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1 Bandeau, 5 Fashion Styles


Bandeau, also known as tube top is a strapless narrow band mostly made of stretchable fabrics. It can be an alternative to sports bras as both the edges are finished with thick bands for a better hold.


Bandeaus date back to ancient Greece times when they were called apodesmos

It consisted of a band of wool or linen that was wrapped across the breasts and tied or pinned at the back.

Coming back to the present, Now bandeaus are not just adhere to beach wear or active wear. It’s a versatile piece of clothing and can be a part of various other fashion themes. Down below are 5 Fashion Styles in which Bandeau has a pivotal role.

1. Go Boho

Bohemian Fashion is an unconventional and very vibrant form of fashion. When we hear boho, we know that there will be oxidized jewelry. It’s not just about jewelry though, it’s also about the prints, textures, choice of colors and most importantly how we’re carrying it.

Being Boho is about being bold and confident.

Here, I paired my bandeau with a button-down printed skirt. The skirt is a bit long so I pulled it up to the upper band of my bandeau. Dark lipshade is always a must when it comes to bohemian styling. Oxidized Jewelry is what completes the whole look.

2. Go Retro

Retro or vintage fashion can be segregated into various sections like 1970s with bandanas and bell bottoms and then 1990s with suspenders and achromatics.

Bell bottom is one major highlight from back then. People are still fond of it and now, every designer launches its own way of wearing and styling bell bottoms.

Hence, I chose bell bottoms for my retro look. I love how its print is complimenting my bandeau. To give a more retro touch, I wore my scarf as a bandana/headband. Other ways to wear a bandeau for retro styling can be ; (a) With puffed sleeved off shoulder tops (b) With Denim skirts (c) With corset belts (d) With flared sleeved printed shrugs

3. Go Preppy

The word “preppy” originates from the classic style that prep schools on the East Coast are known for.

The most common patterns which can be seen in this style are stripes, Polka dots and plaids. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl is popular for her preppy styles. Tights, Blazers, long socks, Block Pleated skirts, are some garments which are included in Preppy Fashion.

I used my plaid pencil skirt to get this look. Although, this article is all about bandeaus but just to give a vivid picture, the exact preppy look would be ( plaid skirts + shirts/feminine blouses with headbands). Suspenders really helped me to get the preppy look!

4. Go Artsy

Artsy Fashion is when you play with the colors, the patterns, the silhouettes and what not. It should be unusual or unconventional.

Pop colors, exaggerated prints, exceptional cuts are some factors to keep in mind if you are going for artsy look.

Here, I didn’t play much with the tints and shades. To get the extravagant look, I used another bandeau with more elasticity so that it can cover my arm as well. I liked the result!

5. Go Casual

I don’t think there is any need to define casual fashion. It’s what we wear all day. The motive is to style it in a way that it make heads turn.

Now, we’re all wearing bandeaus casually anyway, so how else can we style it? I’ve seen people pairing it with shirts and shrugs and it looks great!

For a change, I used a really subtle skater dress of mine and wore my bandeau above it. I planned to go for a statement belt(which can be a great substitute) but anywho, went for bum bag and loved how it changed the whole look!

Everybody has their own sense of Fashion and they can modify or alter it accordingly.

I hope you liked this article, well, I really enjoyed writing and shooting for it.

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How to style your Graphic tee!

Graphic tee, as the name suggests, is a tee having graphics on it which can be done by screen printing, block printing, freehand and by many other ways.

Reasons why they’re so much in trend ;

1. Can mould themselves to any occasion if paired right

2. Very comfortable

3. Can be customized

4. Simple yet Chic

5. Unisex Garment

I’m going to tell you 6 different ways on how you can style your basic graphic tee!

1. Denim Version

Denims, as we all know, are a timeless wardrobe staple. Casual garments can never go wrong with it and everyone can carry it. Here, I went for denims on denims and made a perfect casual look. I also made a side knot which is a great way to cut some length of graphic tee.

2. Staying Home Version

This version is obviously stating how extremely comfortable you can style your Graphic tee but the catch is, to not look way lousy, you can knot your tee from the inside to give out Sunray gathers. Now, you can pair it with your sweatpants, cargo pants, joggers or shorts without sacrificing the end look.

3. Semi-Formal Version

For this,I paired my graphic tee with Black turtleneck bodycon one-piece and to harmonize the look, I put black belt with it. The more loose your tee is, the more peplum look the style will give. Here is another way to formalize your tee, narrow down your tee with the help of belt and put on a blazer and bravo, A three-piece semi-formal suit!

4. Going-On-Date Version

There are so many ways to to get all dolled up with one graphic tee like pairing it with a ruffle skirt or Circular Jeans or Bell-sleeved shrugs. Here, I paired it with my suspender dress (yes, with pockets). Accessories can always level-up the look!

5. Chandler Bing Version

If you’re a Friends fan then you know how Chandler was a huge fan of pairing his sweatshirts with T-Shirts. So, taking inspiration from him, I paired my long-sleeve dress with graphic tee and to complete the look, I put on Plazzo.

6. Vintage Version

It’s more like a 90s version when suspenders were highly popular. I believe that suspenders can change any look in a constructive way. I bought the one I’m wearing here from Amazon at a very reasonable rate. Also, I knotted my graphic tee instead of tucking it in!

Everybody is instilled with their own sense of Fashion. So, you’re free to modify any look as per your own choice.

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How to style your SWEATSHIRT

Sweatshirt, as we all know, is one of the most comforting piece of clothing. It comes in really soft fabrics which are absorbent like cotton jersey. It usually include elastic cuffs.

We mostly wear it for casual purposes but believe it or not, it has endless styling properties.

1. Go Cargo!

Cargo pants are loose elastic-cuffed pants with huge pockets taking comfort to the next level. Pairing it with sweatshirt is amazingly comfortable plus to make it look more stylish, pair it with a statement belt and put on some accessories.

Cargo pants+Lettertape belt+Sneakers

2. Tuck it in!

Instead of letting your sweatshirt left loose, Tuck it in from your waist and put on your favorite pair of shorts. I also wore a cloth belt to make it more alluring!

Tucked in Sweatshirt+ClothBelt+Shorts

3. Dress up!

Yes, you can doll up despite how casual your sweatshirt is. Just pair it with a dress which will compliment your whole look and you’re good to go!

Bodycon dress+Jewellery+Heels

4. Sunray Pleating!

This doesn’t look entirely like a pleat but I hope you got my point. I used a basic elastic band and knot it from the inside and tada, the look is ready! I wore it above a beautiful floral one piece and tied the ClothBelt as a headband.

Floral dress+Sunray pleated sweatshirt+Headband

5. Go Lacey!

Lace can always bring a glamour to everything. So here, I wore a sleeveless lace blouse and paired it with a mid-length plazzo pants.

Lace blouse+Plazzo+Statement bag

6. Knot up!

You must have seen this coming. Knotting is such a timeless style, it changes the whole pattern of the garment. Here, I wore a statement neckpiece and wide-leg jeans with my sweatshirt.

Wide-Leg Jeans+Statement Jewellery+Knotted Sweatshirt

I hope you liked this article, I tried to cover most of the looks in this one but as I said before, Sweatshirt has endless styling properties. So, I’m gonna experiment more and come up with more styles soon!

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White Kurtas are a must-have in your wardrobe and the reasons behind this is because;

A. White is a basic color so any other color which you’ll pair it with will turns out to be a highlight.

B. You can go overboard with jewelry and can still rock it.

C. Embroidery looks so much better when done on white fabric like chikankari embroidery.

D. You can pair it up with different pieces of clothing.

Here, I’m going to tell you 4 different ways on how to style your WHITE KURTA for different occasions.

1. Go Indo-Western

This one is my favorite. Indo-Western Styling can be done in two ways;

A. Wearing something indian and pairing it with western accessories like belts, hats, heels, hoops, or even western garments like Coats and Denims.

B. Wearing something western and pairing it with traditional jewelry or Western garments with traditional prints.

I chose option (A) For this because White Kurta is a part of traditional wear. I paired it up with a Black Cotton Plazzo with golden intricate conventional work.

To match it with the Golden Work, I opted for Golden Shimmer Dupatta and used a belt to fit it around the waist. I concluded my look with a beautiful Neck-piece and Black heels.

2. Go Artsy

Artsy Fashion is when you wear something which involves bold and bright hues and it often include prints.

For this, I paired my white kurta with a Circular tiered skirt. I went for subtle accessories so that the skirt won’t lose its charm. I completed my look with mirror work embroidered- Sling and Jutis.

You can wear this for a casual meet-up or even for an occasion as it looks effortless yet beautiful.

3. Go Casual

This is definitely suited for college goers or someone who has to go for something regular but don’t want their clothes to look boring.

When it comes to Casual, Denims always comes to our mind. Now, you can wear denim jeans with it or denim jackets, either way, you’ll look great.

Although, casual is not really limited to denims. You can wear cotton pegged trousers, Shrugs, coats, Harem pants and many other pieces.

4. Go Romantic

Romanticism (also known as the Romantic era) was an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement that originated in Europe towards the end of the 18th century. From that movement, Romantic style got its definition.

Not looking back at the history, In present, it means going for prints, textures and flares.

This style can be worn when you’re going out for a date or any meet and greets. It gives a simple, sweet and sophisticated outlook.

Other ways to style your white kurta –

A. Semi-Formal

B. White-On-White

3. Heavy Dupattas

4. Three-piece suit

To sum up, white kurta is a staple piece as it goes with everything and you can style it with so many statement garments as well. Everybody has their own set of clothes so I based this whole article on the garments which can be seen in most of the closets.


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One sheer top, 7 different personalities

Sheer tops are a kind of see-through tops. It is a dependent piece of garment. Meaning, it usually depends on other garments to go with.

Plain sheer tops are very easy to style like you can pair them with bandeaus, crop tops, camisoles or even over printed garments but there are certain other kinds of Sheer tops and here, I’m going to style an EMBROIDERED SHEER TOP

Now that we know embroidery is the catch here so I focussed on mainly showing it off. I paired it with clothes which can change how people will look at us cause’ different styles take out different personalities.

1. The Chilled

As the name suggests, it’s someone who is cool and funky. Here, I matched my sheer top with a white shirt and made it look kind of lousy. I knotted it out and dropped it around the shoulder because it shows the ‘no care given’ attitude but at the same time it looks cool. Denims are always a way to go with such personality.

Accessories : Broad Belts, Cross body bag and Converse shoes

2. The Backpacker

The Backpacker is someone who is a wanderlust, a travel freak. Someone who is always ready to climb mountains or trek. For this, I took a shirt whose color matched with the embroidery and wrapped it around my waist to make it look sporty and energetic. Wore a crop top above it not stealing the thunder of embroidery. Made a high ponytail and good to go!

Accessories : Backpack, Ear piercings and Timberland boots.

3. The Cutie

Someone who is chic, vibrant and girly. This personality is youthful and thus, needs something which will make it look underage. So, I paired it with a denim corset silhouette dress, Made a really cute hairstyle and that’s it.

Accessories : Statement hair accessories like headbands, bandanas or Clips, Sling Bag and Pumps.

4. The Nerd

The Nerd is a bookworm, an introvert so it needs a simple and sophisticated styling. Comfort is a key here. I wore my sheer top over a black one-piece and knotted it at waist to make it look fitted, Hair semi-tied giving a library-look. It looks simple yet elegant.

Accessories : Specs, Bracelets, Satchel Bag and Gladiators/ballerinas

5. The Bossy

The bossy has a dominating personality. Her clothes should make her look strong, independent and intellectual. For this, I chose monochrome scheme. I paired it up with a co-ord of pencil skirt and waterfall jacket. I matched the color of Belt and bandeau I wore inside the sheer top.

Accessories : Elegant/Rich earrings, Envelope Purse and Stilletos.

6. The Socialite

The Socialite is someone who has a way with people around. A complete extrovert so, for this, Styling should represent an open personality. Hence, I paired my Sheer top with an overall/Dungaree in which I kept one side open showing a welcoming aura. I tied my hair in a bun and wore huge earrings.

Accessories : Statement earrings, Bum bag and Open-toe Heels.

7. The Rational

Someone who’s reasonable and goes with logics. This personality needs a subtle and refined look. So, I coupled it with a sleeveless long shrug and Knee-length pencil skirt.

Accessories : Studs, Tote Bag and Sandals

Other ways to style your embroidered sheer top

1. Denims all the way

Pair it up with (boyfriend jeans + Cropped denim jacket) or (Black denim shorts+Distressed Jacket)

2. Touch of Indian

Match your Sheer top with Oxidized Jewelry like heavy Jumkas/Bangles. Don’t overdo it. Wear a tiered/flared plain skirt with it.

3. Go Casual

Pair your Sheer top with Biker shorts, wear a bandeau inside and conclude the look by wearing an oversized jacket.

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How to wear your dupatta in 5 different ways!

Dupattas are a very crucial part of traditional wear. Different states have different ways of carrying a dupatta.

There are several states that are unique for their embroidery or Tie&Dye prints. For example; Punjab is well known for its Phulkari Dupattas which involves intricate thread work in vibrant colors.

On that note, there are several other Types Of Dupattas which are wardrobe staple;

1. Phulkari, Punjab

2. Madhubani, Mithila – It consists of alluring patterns that are very eye-catchy.

3. Kalamkari, Andhra Pradesh – It literally refers to free-hand drawing with pen. It’s beautiful!

4. Banarasi, Uttar Pradesh – It’s a must-have as its rich silk fabric can turn any simple suit to an elegant one.

5. Net Dupattas – These are really necessary because they can always give a glam look!

Now that the basics are done, Let’s get back to our main headline! I experimented with Dupattas and realized how many of us is carrying it like those standard 2-3 ways so here are some unique ways to wear them.


It works well when your Dupatta is plain but its border is worth showing off! It’s not only limited to plain Dupattas though, you might as well can pleat stiff Dupattas with beautiful work. It will look beautiful with banarasi or chanderi!

Step 1 : Pleat your entire dupatta

Step 2 : Keep it on your shoulder with pleats falling equally on both sides of it and tuck it with a safety pin at waist level. Reverse it and and tuck another pin.

Step 3 : Wear a pretty belt and flare away dupatta under the belt!


No jacket to pair your kurti with? That’s fine, your dupatta will have it covered up.

Step 1 : Pass dupatta through your neck and let it hang on the front. Pin up the edges of both sides.

Step 2 : Pleat everything up till your shoulders and move it all to your back and tie it.

Now you’ve two options, Either let it hang on the back(If the edges have latkans) or tuck everything under the pin while accessorizing the back.

And it’s done, here’s the result!


It’s very simple. First, wear it like you usually do when you want to hide your kurti and show off your dupatta. Second, Take the Border and make a V -neck out if it. Now with borders showing like this, you’re surely getting compliments!


It’s another way to flaunt your dupatta by covering your boring kurti.

Step 1 : Put your dupatta on one side covering your arm and take it all the way to the other side, under the armhole.

Step 2 : Wear a beautiful belt, make gathers of dupatta falling down the belt and it’s done!


Yesss, Turn it into a shrug and the best part about it is that you can wear it with your western clothes as well, pait it right! Wear funky jewellery with it like long statement chains.

Fold your dupatta just one time, take the edges of both sides and pin it with the center. What you’ll see are two broad circles, yeah, those are armholes!

And here’s the result, tada!

There is no end to creativity and I’m sure there must be several other ways too so I’ll post more about it. Stay tuned!

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