World of EK: Bringing Indigenous Beauty to Homes

Ekta Kapoor is an Indian television producer, director, and creator of Hindi blockbusters and soap operas. She is now paying modest homage to India’s rich traditional legacy and values after dominating the realm of theatre and showbiz. She embraces World of Ek to introduce a piece of India into your house with stunning collections of ethnic clothing, charm jewellery, home linens, and copperware.

Bring Home India

The motto Bring Home India serves as the foundation of the World of Ek. To provide you the essence of India in your homes, EK was born.
The brand’s cornerstone is formed by India’s heightened aesthetic senses and supreme compassion. Here, everything seems to have a strong foundation. Each item in her collection has been thoughtfully made to enhance your home while highlighting the diverse Indian craftsmanship.

A traditional spin on homes and closets

At EK, everything from the materials used to the colours picked to the patterns and antiques curated all have significance. Antiques and cutlery in the brassware range that are influenced by ayurveda have several health advantages. 
All of Ek’s bedding is made of Indian cotton. They are the ideal bed partner for a restful sleep owing to their smooth and airy texture.
Jewellery with the Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye has more than one purpose. They were made to provide you health, wealth, and protection from negativity.

Ek’s apparel

In addition to creating collections, Ekta Kapoor has crafted tales that would entice you to wear clothes whose backstories you are familiar with. In addition to being apparel, they act as a reminder to value your nation’s art and artists.
The tags that come with every item of clothing you buy will have information on how and why that specific print was chosen. Fascinating, isn’t it?

If you’re considering improving your wardrobe with the purest cotton ethnic wear for women, EK has you covered with their expertly produced collections of clothing for women.
EK offers the best ethnic clothing online, including items from the Siyahi, Charbagh, and Keri line segments. 
In the Siyahi collection, the bright, joyful, and unfettered characteristics of indigo are drawn to reality. It involves a rigorous process of dying and achieving the calm majesty of indigo blue. The  Siyahi collection features architectural, botanical, and paisley patterns that make it appropriate for any occasion and a must-have statement piece in your closet.
The natural world’s relaxing and comforting aspects are celebrated at Charbagh. This collection includes block-printed floral motifs and geometrical designs.
Keri is a complex portrait honoring potentially paisley patterns or our native fruit, the mango. This magnificent pattern was found on the clothes of ancient Kings and Queens. This story’s embellishments will take you to a time of imperial beauty and make you want to relax and sleep.

My experience

Relaxing Rayon Kurta

You won’t realise how much you need this kurta until you actually get it. I want to flounce and play around because the fit is so incredibly soothing and carefree. Palazzo pants can be worn with it to make it roomier, or straight-fit trousers can be donned to tone it out. I ordered a size small.
The kurta has an amazing abstract print on it. It’s a Prakruti collection item. Earth, the ultimate benefactor, served as inspiration for the Prakruti collection. The earthy colours used in this collection are a representation of the environment and the tranquillity it gives.

Beautiful indigo A-line kurta

One of my all-time favourite printing techniques is block printing. This has reached the pinnacle of beauty when coupled with Indigo blue’s splendor. The contrasting red piping on the kurta definitely enhances its elegance. Additionally, it has a spacious compartment that really adds functionality to this classic piece.
It’s a Siyahi collection article. As previously stated, the assortment is soothing and comforting.
I picked a size medium, and it was perfect.

Charming yoke kurta

Yoke cuts are really fashionable and will undoubtedly last long enough for us to fully appreciate them. The kurta is gorgeous. My favourite item that I purchased from Ek. Its unique multi-print layout draws attention and praise in spades. Got a size medium that fit perfectly.
The Keri collection, from which the kurta was inspired, is a tale that embodies glorious hues of grandeur with adornment that sweeps you in an atmosphere to assist in relaxation.


You’re familiar with the proverb “don’t judge a book by its cover,” right? Well, since everything is of the highest calibre, from the packaging to the contents, Ek need not worry at all.
The apparel items I ordered arrived in eco-friendly pouch bags. They are far too attractive to discard. The package is gorgeous and reusable, and I rate it a 10/10.


Your personal spaces for relaxation and renewal are your homes and closets. So it’s crucial to surround them with things that exude good energies and repel unpleasant ones. Everyone will be enticed by a wide selection of traditional and modern styles that match any environment. EK carries a selection of home d├ęcor items favoured by well-known celebrities. Other EK products, including magnificent ceramics, lanterns, pots, drapes, dohars, and numerous others, will definitely enhance your home’s aesthetics and provide you wonderful vibes.

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