There are various ways to achieve a chic, expensive and a confident look without sacrificing much of your money and time.

Fashion, as we know, changes every now and then but Chic, The class is timeless.

Your Lousy clothes, most of the times, can be directly proportional to your Lousy mood. An effortlessly chic and classy look can make your day brighter and positive.

I hope to shed some light on the importance of subtle and plain clothes and how the most simple can make you elegant and confident.

Fashion is a personal choice so feel free to modify these tips according to you.

6 ways on how to effortlessly look chic

  1. PUT AN END TO PRINTS AND PATTERNS – Prints and patterns like floral, animal or checkered can not create the statement the way solid colors can. Color blocking your closet can open wide variety of options to choose from. For example; A plain white tee can make a really strong statement. Plain fitted crop top with a pencil skirt or even skinny jeans will seem like a statement piece if you mix and match cleverly. On that note, here’s a tip : Always go for silhouettes that will flatter your body type. Prints, on the other hand, can distract people and hide silhouettes.

2. CHOOSE NECKLINES THAT WILL EMBRACE YOUR SHOULDERS – Going for the right necklines is a very crucial step. Different necklines suit different body types. Halter neck is best suited for curvy body whereas, off-shoulders go best with lean body. Believe me when I say, showing off your collar bone is very elegant and chic!

3. GOLDEN JEWELRY IS A GAME CHANGER – Gold is something which people lures. It gives you an expensive edge. FYI, it doesn’t have to be made of Gold. Simple gold polished neck pieces or earrings can change the whole look. Minimalism is in, even one piece of accessory is enough if it’s worth it. You don’t have to wear million accessories just because the outfit is simple. A single neat pendant with off-shoulders can alter your outlook. Another example can be, Golden watches or bangles or even big golden hoops when your neck is already covered.

4. OPT FOR BOLD AND DARK LIPSTICKS – When I said bold, I certainly means Red. Red lipsticks have an undeniable power. It flourishes you with confidence and hands down, the most unavoidable and potent out of all the shades.

Many women throughout the history have sported hues of crimson and ruby lips to communicate their social status, leadership and great power. Dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra created her own shades of red by crushing ants and beetles. Queen Elizabeth wore red lipstick despite the 16th century belief that wearing red lipstick would challenge God.

Red lipsticks boosts courage and is a symbol of strength and elegance. There are although few hues which doesn’t complement with Reds, for that other dark lipsticks like burgundy or brown can work.

5. NEAT AND CLEAN HAIRSTYLE – Straight and sleek hair is always chic! Undone or frizzy hair can annihilate all the work you put on your clothing and accessories. If you’ve unwashed or dirty hair just put all of it right behind and make a clean and combed tight ponytail. Straight, sleek strands can be inimitably chic.

At the 2015 Met Gala, Reese Witherspoon wore her straight strands pushed back and tucked behind her ears as a simple- yet sophisticated look.

So, do not ever take straight hair for granted because it is an epitome of elegance.

6. FLATS OVER HIGH HEELS/STILETTOS – Now, smart and chic women are welcoming a fancy new trend of flats and sneakers. They’re choosing comfort over pressurized standards of make-believe fashion. Flats are no longer limited to casuals. There are a lot of brands and industries which are working on making it more classy and chic. It doesn’t mean that heels will diminish its value. Heels will always be appreciated for providing a lift. It makes you feel polished and powerful but now, Women are learning that a right flat shoe or ballerinas can do the same.


  • Keep your nails neat and clean.
  • Do not pair loose clothes, it will look shabby.
  • Do not go overboard with accessories.
  • Do not underestimate the power of belts.
  • Always keep up with the trend.

I’ve never seen elegance go out of style.


I hope this article will help you. Keep checking my blog for more such articles. If you’ve any query or suggestion then feel free to comment down below or you can directly contact me on Instagram

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