How to wear your dupatta in 5 different ways!

Dupattas are a very crucial part of traditional wear. Different states have different ways of carrying a dupatta.

There are several states that are unique for their embroidery or Tie&Dye prints. For example; Punjab is well known for its Phulkari Dupattas which involves intricate thread work in vibrant colors.

On that note, there are several other Types Of Dupattas which are wardrobe staple;

1. Phulkari, Punjab

2. Madhubani, Mithila – It consists of alluring patterns that are very eye-catchy.

3. Kalamkari, Andhra Pradesh – It literally refers to free-hand drawing with pen. It’s beautiful!

4. Banarasi, Uttar Pradesh – It’s a must-have as its rich silk fabric can turn any simple suit to an elegant one.

5. Net Dupattas – These are really necessary because they can always give a glam look!

Now that the basics are done, Let’s get back to our main headline! I experimented with Dupattas and realized how many of us is carrying it like those standard 2-3 ways so here are some unique ways to wear them.


It works well when your Dupatta is plain but its border is worth showing off! It’s not only limited to plain Dupattas though, you might as well can pleat stiff Dupattas with beautiful work. It will look beautiful with banarasi or chanderi!

Step 1 : Pleat your entire dupatta

Step 2 : Keep it on your shoulder with pleats falling equally on both sides of it and tuck it with a safety pin at waist level. Reverse it and and tuck another pin.

Step 3 : Wear a pretty belt and flare away dupatta under the belt!


No jacket to pair your kurti with? That’s fine, your dupatta will have it covered up.

Step 1 : Pass dupatta through your neck and let it hang on the front. Pin up the edges of both sides.

Step 2 : Pleat everything up till your shoulders and move it all to your back and tie it.

Now you’ve two options, Either let it hang on the back(If the edges have latkans) or tuck everything under the pin while accessorizing the back.

And it’s done, here’s the result!


It’s very simple. First, wear it like you usually do when you want to hide your kurti and show off your dupatta. Second, Take the Border and make a V -neck out if it. Now with borders showing like this, you’re surely getting compliments!


It’s another way to flaunt your dupatta by covering your boring kurti.

Step 1 : Put your dupatta on one side covering your arm and take it all the way to the other side, under the armhole.

Step 2 : Wear a beautiful belt, make gathers of dupatta falling down the belt and it’s done!


Yesss, Turn it into a shrug and the best part about it is that you can wear it with your western clothes as well, pait it right! Wear funky jewellery with it like long statement chains.

Fold your dupatta just one time, take the edges of both sides and pin it with the center. What you’ll see are two broad circles, yeah, those are armholes!

And here’s the result, tada!

There is no end to creativity and I’m sure there must be several other ways too so I’ll post more about it. Stay tuned!

If you’re willing to try any of these then send me your picture so that I can show it off on my Instagram page!

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Keep supporting and comment down your favorite look! 🌼

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