How FRIENDS TV series still inspire our wardrobes!

Every decade involves a unique sense of style which gets repeated every 10 years.

About 1990s clothing

Many trends from the late 1980s carried over to the early 90s, including the use of fluorescent colors on sweatpants, t-shirts, parachute pants, and jackets. The most popular clothing colors were blue, green, orange, pink, and yellow, often paired together in patterns inspired by comic book and pop art.

90s looks for women included tailored skirt and pantsuits, slip dresses, hot pants, and skirts in satin, metallic, sequin, and vinyl fabrics. Animal prints and bright colors were popular carryovers from the early 1990s.

Men’s clothing also featured bold prints, the most common being Hawaiian and paisley patterns, sports jerseys, graphic t-shirts, leather jackets, and velvet blazers.

Friends is a hilarious American sitcom which revolves around the lives of 6 Friends. One more reason why it’s so popular is because the outfits which characters wore are really appealing to the masses and every character has its own sense of style. So, here we will see how all the characters inspired us.

1. Rachel Greene

Rachel has always been the style icon. Everyone looked upon her and couldn’t stop gazing at her on-point, up-to-trend outfits. She worked under Bloomingdale’s and then Ralph Lauren so people also got to see her chic work codes.

A) PLAIDS : Rachel was a big fan of plaids/checks/ginghams. Most of her outfits were in these patterns and no doubt, even now, it’s in trend and people love it! Plaids were mostly seen in the skirts and leggings she wore.

B) OVERALLS : Rachel wore variety of overalls varied in colors and fabrics like once she wore a burgundy colored skirt overall in Corduroy. People loved her black/denim timeless dungarees.

C) SLIP DRESSES : We love how she carried her elegant slip dresses. One where she wore Red slip dress for an award function was commendable.

D) WORK CLOTHES : How she carried her work clothes is hands down, very inspiring and we all can still look upon that. Be it Knee length pencil skirt with blazer or Blazer paired with a casual tee, She nailed all her looks!

These are some of the outfits I recreated of Rachel

2. Monice Geller

Monica had a very clean, simple and sophisticated style. She was mostly seen in neutral colors or achromatics which we all can still wear.

A) WHITE SHIRTS : Monica paired her white shirts with jeans, suspenders and even skirts and looked amazing in all of them. White shirts are wardrobe staple and they can never go off trend.

B) CARDIGANS : When we think about cardigans, we usually pair them with mature clothes but Monica changed the tangent and made us believe in the importance of cardigans for every age.

C) SUSPENDERS : Suspenders had a big hype in 90s and they’re back again and people love them. They change the whole look of the garment and make it more fashionable

These are some of the outfits I recreated of Monica

3. Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe has been an underrated character when it comes to fashion but personally, I believe that she had the most unique and extraordinary sense of fashion (Sorry, Rachel). She was always a step ahead. From her European style clothing in the earlier seasons till the end where she still looked vibrant, boho and free-spirited, she looked amazing! She always wore some statement jewellery and her rings are priceless.

A) OVERSIZED SWEATSHIRTS : Cute and comfy oversized sweatshirts were mostly worn by Phoebe and I don’t think they can ever go off the style. Comfort is one such thing people now count on.

B) COATS : How can one forget the kinds of coats she wore. Printed, fur, long, lapeled, so many kinds of coats were introduced through her.

C) RETRO : She was mostly seen in vintage outfits with endless prints and patterns. Her vibrancy was shown with her bohemian style.

These are some of the outfits I recreated of Phoebe

Now, coming to the boys, they were not much popular for the clothes they carried yet there are some of their styles which we can wear and kill it!

4. Joey Tribbiani

Joey always had a way with women and we cannot not love his unisex purse. He didn’t play with lots of hues but whatever he wore, looked great!

A) LEATHER JACKETS : He was a huge fan of leather jackets. Be it for his interviews or casual dates, he was mostly seen wearing that and of course, these jackets can never go out of demand.

B) Layering : We all remeber that scene where he wore all the clothes of Chandler and did lunges. Obviously, I can’t say that wearing thousands of pieces all at once is a great idea but how about wearing a shirt then a jacket and then a trench coat?

These are some of the outfits I recreated of Joey

5. Chandler Bing

There were rare scenes when we saw him without his vests. Chandler, indeed, wore great outfits the whole time.

A) VESTS : He loved his vests and we can all agree on that. Like his wife, he also wasn’t the big fan of bold colors. We can all still get inspired of how he paired his vests with shirts.

B) PRINTED SHIRTS : Printed shirts, even today, are still eye-catchy and his symmetrical printed shirts are such an inspiration.

These are some of the outfits I recreated of Chandler

6. Ross Geller

Ross, The Smarty pants was mostly seen wearing his work clothes and we still can’t get enough of it. Besides that, He mostly wore clothes with horizontal lines and they looked pretty nice. Fun fact : Horizontal lines makes you look wider whereas Vertical makes you look lean.

A) BLAZERS : Blazers were Ross’ bestfriends. He usually paired it with casuals. The scene where he paired regular sweatshirt with a Blazer is my favourite!

B) KNITTED SWEATERS : His sweaters were really cute and we still can’t forget how comfortable they are.

These are some of the outfits I recreated of Ross



Friends characters sometimes wore denim over denims and it really looked amazing. We often pair our Denim jeans with statement tops or shirts but we can’t say it was an odd fashion when Monica wore denim shirt over her denim jeans. Even Ross gave a really nice Airport look when he layered his denims.


Friends characters often restricted their dress code to Black-and-whites and gave a pretty much semi-casual look.


White shoes is an essential because they literally goes with everything. It can make you look really cool and funky and so did our Friends characters have said.

In a nutshell, Friends gave us an amazing inspiration in terms of Fashion as well. From Phoebe‘s Vibrant prints to Monica‘s subtle color code to Ross‘s cute sweaters to Rachel‘s Chic outfits to Chandler‘s vests to Joey‘s leather jackets, The 10-year series gave us so much more than just laughters.

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