One sheer top, 7 different personalities

Sheer tops are a kind of see-through tops. It is a dependent piece of garment. Meaning, it usually depends on other garments to go with.

Plain sheer tops are very easy to style like you can pair them with bandeaus, crop tops, camisoles or even over printed garments but there are certain other kinds of Sheer tops and here, I’m going to style an EMBROIDERED SHEER TOP

Now that we know embroidery is the catch here so I focussed on mainly showing it off. I paired it with clothes which can change how people will look at us cause’ different styles take out different personalities.

1. The Chilled

As the name suggests, it’s someone who is cool and funky. Here, I matched my sheer top with a white shirt and made it look kind of lousy. I knotted it out and dropped it around the shoulder because it shows the ‘no care given’ attitude but at the same time it looks cool. Denims are always a way to go with such personality.

Accessories : Broad Belts, Cross body bag and Converse shoes

2. The Backpacker

The Backpacker is someone who is a wanderlust, a travel freak. Someone who is always ready to climb mountains or trek. For this, I took a shirt whose color matched with the embroidery and wrapped it around my waist to make it look sporty and energetic. Wore a crop top above it not stealing the thunder of embroidery. Made a high ponytail and good to go!

Accessories : Backpack, Ear piercings and Timberland boots.

3. The Cutie

Someone who is chic, vibrant and girly. This personality is youthful and thus, needs something which will make it look underage. So, I paired it with a denim corset silhouette dress, Made a really cute hairstyle and that’s it.

Accessories : Statement hair accessories like headbands, bandanas or Clips, Sling Bag and Pumps.

4. The Nerd

The Nerd is a bookworm, an introvert so it needs a simple and sophisticated styling. Comfort is a key here. I wore my sheer top over a black one-piece and knotted it at waist to make it look fitted, Hair semi-tied giving a library-look. It looks simple yet elegant.

Accessories : Specs, Bracelets, Satchel Bag and Gladiators/ballerinas

5. The Bossy

The bossy has a dominating personality. Her clothes should make her look strong, independent and intellectual. For this, I chose monochrome scheme. I paired it up with a co-ord of pencil skirt and waterfall jacket. I matched the color of Belt and bandeau I wore inside the sheer top.

Accessories : Elegant/Rich earrings, Envelope Purse and Stilletos.

6. The Socialite

The Socialite is someone who has a way with people around. A complete extrovert so, for this, Styling should represent an open personality. Hence, I paired my Sheer top with an overall/Dungaree in which I kept one side open showing a welcoming aura. I tied my hair in a bun and wore huge earrings.

Accessories : Statement earrings, Bum bag and Open-toe Heels.

7. The Rational

Someone who’s reasonable and goes with logics. This personality needs a subtle and refined look. So, I coupled it with a sleeveless long shrug and Knee-length pencil skirt.

Accessories : Studs, Tote Bag and Sandals

Other ways to style your embroidered sheer top

1. Denims all the way

Pair it up with (boyfriend jeans + Cropped denim jacket) or (Black denim shorts+Distressed Jacket)

2. Touch of Indian

Match your Sheer top with Oxidized Jewelry like heavy Jumkas/Bangles. Don’t overdo it. Wear a tiered/flared plain skirt with it.

3. Go Casual

Pair your Sheer top with Biker shorts, wear a bandeau inside and conclude the look by wearing an oversized jacket.

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10 thoughts on “One sheer top, 7 different personalities

  1. Though all of them are amazing.. my personal favourite is the bossy and socialite one . 💜💜💜💜 loved it.


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