White Kurtas are a must-have in your wardrobe and the reasons behind this is because;

A. White is a basic color so any other color which you’ll pair it with will turns out to be a highlight.

B. You can go overboard with jewelry and can still rock it.

C. Embroidery looks so much better when done on white fabric like chikankari embroidery.

D. You can pair it up with different pieces of clothing.

Here, I’m going to tell you 4 different ways on how to style your WHITE KURTA for different occasions.

1. Go Indo-Western

This one is my favorite. Indo-Western Styling can be done in two ways;

A. Wearing something indian and pairing it with western accessories like belts, hats, heels, hoops, or even western garments like Coats and Denims.

B. Wearing something western and pairing it with traditional jewelry or Western garments with traditional prints.

I chose option (A) For this because White Kurta is a part of traditional wear. I paired it up with a Black Cotton Plazzo with golden intricate conventional work.

To match it with the Golden Work, I opted for Golden Shimmer Dupatta and used a belt to fit it around the waist. I concluded my look with a beautiful Neck-piece and Black heels.

2. Go Artsy

Artsy Fashion is when you wear something which involves bold and bright hues and it often include prints.

For this, I paired my white kurta with a Circular tiered skirt. I went for subtle accessories so that the skirt won’t lose its charm. I completed my look with mirror work embroidered- Sling and Jutis.

You can wear this for a casual meet-up or even for an occasion as it looks effortless yet beautiful.

3. Go Casual

This is definitely suited for college goers or someone who has to go for something regular but don’t want their clothes to look boring.

When it comes to Casual, Denims always comes to our mind. Now, you can wear denim jeans with it or denim jackets, either way, you’ll look great.

Although, casual is not really limited to denims. You can wear cotton pegged trousers, Shrugs, coats, Harem pants and many other pieces.

4. Go Romantic

Romanticism (also known as the Romantic era) was an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement that originated in Europe towards the end of the 18th century. From that movement, Romantic style got its definition.

Not looking back at the history, In present, it means going for prints, textures and flares.

This style can be worn when you’re going out for a date or any meet and greets. It gives a simple, sweet and sophisticated outlook.

Other ways to style your white kurta –

A. Semi-Formal

B. White-On-White

3. Heavy Dupattas

4. Three-piece suit

To sum up, white kurta is a staple piece as it goes with everything and you can style it with so many statement garments as well. Everybody has their own set of clothes so I based this whole article on the garments which can be seen in most of the closets.


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