8 ways to style your oversized pants/jeans

Oversized pants, or wide-leg pants, or baggy pants are those which are loose-fitted and bigger in size.

Amidst the trend of skinny jeans, oversized pants and jeans are giving Fashion a pragmatic turn.

However, people either throw it off or downsize it instead of being experimental. They can look lousy when not worn correctly but if you pair it with right garments and accountrements, they can look really chic and debonair.

Here, I’m going to tell you 8 amazing ways which can make you look stylish wearing those baggy pants!

1. Fitted Tops

If you pair loose items, they’re surely going to make you look lousy. Anything which hugs your body like bodycons or bralettes, basically, anything fitted can neutralize your whole look.

Wide-leg pants with fitted tees

2. Accessorize it

Accessories are so underrated. We don’t see how it can make our outfit excessively better. Chains, belts, pendants, hats, bracelets and what not can level-up our style if chosen correctly. For baggy pants, I recommend going for statement belts, they can give your look a commendable change. If you want to experiment more, take a scarf, adjoin it with two loops given on the waistband and tighten it by making a bow out of it. It’ll look amazing!

Accessorizing baggy pants with chains and belts

3. Turn it into sweatpants!

Step-1 : Fold the ankles of your pants.

Step-2 : Take an elastic band and put it over the folded hem.

Step-3 : Turn it over and you’ll see elastic band holding the whole edge making gathers.

Baggy pants turned into sweatpants

4. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are so in and all for the right reasons. They make you look so cool and relaxed, plus, there are so many ways to style it. You can make a knot or tuck it in, and it’s going to look fabulous in every way.

Baggy pants with graphic tees

5. Bum bags

Bum bags consist of a small pouch which can be worn around the waist or hip. They go pretty much well with everything and are really portable.

Baggy pants paired with bumbags

6. Sweats!

Oversized pants paired with cropped sweats or hoodies give away a street style look. Many celebrities go out wearing this look and make it look worthwhile. Sweats with loose pants can also make an amazing airport look!

Baggy pants with sweats

7. Fold it!

If your pants are oversized then they’re most probably going to be longer than your legs. To correct it, make a cuff by folding it. It will not only stop distrubing your feet but also make you look smarter and more proportionate.

Baggy pants turned into cuffed pants

8. Go Executive!

Why limiting baggy pants to streets and airports when you can go to office wearing those pants as well? Yes, with proper coordination, you can actually go to office wearing your oversized pants. It’ll give a really nice semi-formal look. The main gist of this whole change can be given by coats and shirts.

Oversized jeans and pants paired with coats

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