How to style your SWEATSHIRT

Sweatshirt, as we all know, is one of the most comforting piece of clothing. It comes in really soft fabrics which are absorbent like cotton jersey. It usually include elastic cuffs.

We mostly wear it for casual purposes but believe it or not, it has endless styling properties.

1. Go Cargo!

Cargo pants are loose elastic-cuffed pants with huge pockets taking comfort to the next level. Pairing it with sweatshirt is amazingly comfortable plus to make it look more stylish, pair it with a statement belt and put on some accessories.

Cargo pants+Lettertape belt+Sneakers

2. Tuck it in!

Instead of letting your sweatshirt left loose, Tuck it in from your waist and put on your favorite pair of shorts. I also wore a cloth belt to make it more alluring!

Tucked in Sweatshirt+ClothBelt+Shorts

3. Dress up!

Yes, you can doll up despite how casual your sweatshirt is. Just pair it with a dress which will compliment your whole look and you’re good to go!

Bodycon dress+Jewellery+Heels

4. Sunray Pleating!

This doesn’t look entirely like a pleat but I hope you got my point. I used a basic elastic band and knot it from the inside and tada, the look is ready! I wore it above a beautiful floral one piece and tied the ClothBelt as a headband.

Floral dress+Sunray pleated sweatshirt+Headband

5. Go Lacey!

Lace can always bring a glamour to everything. So here, I wore a sleeveless lace blouse and paired it with a mid-length plazzo pants.

Lace blouse+Plazzo+Statement bag

6. Knot up!

You must have seen this coming. Knotting is such a timeless style, it changes the whole pattern of the garment. Here, I wore a statement neckpiece and wide-leg jeans with my sweatshirt.

Wide-Leg Jeans+Statement Jewellery+Knotted Sweatshirt

I hope you liked this article, I tried to cover most of the looks in this one but as I said before, Sweatshirt has endless styling properties. So, I’m gonna experiment more and come up with more styles soon!

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