How to style your Graphic tee!

Graphic tee, as the name suggests, is a tee having graphics on it which can be done by screen printing, block printing, freehand and by many other ways.

Reasons why they’re so much in trend ;

1. Can mould themselves to any occasion if paired right

2. Very comfortable

3. Can be customized

4. Simple yet Chic

5. Unisex Garment

I’m going to tell you 6 different ways on how you can style your basic graphic tee!

1. Denim Version

Denims, as we all know, are a timeless wardrobe staple. Casual garments can never go wrong with it and everyone can carry it. Here, I went for denims on denims and made a perfect casual look. I also made a side knot which is a great way to cut some length of graphic tee.

2. Staying Home Version

This version is obviously stating how extremely comfortable you can style your Graphic tee but the catch is, to not look way lousy, you can knot your tee from the inside to give out Sunray gathers. Now, you can pair it with your sweatpants, cargo pants, joggers or shorts without sacrificing the end look.

3. Semi-Formal Version

For this,I paired my graphic tee with Black turtleneck bodycon one-piece and to harmonize the look, I put black belt with it. The more loose your tee is, the more peplum look the style will give. Here is another way to formalize your tee, narrow down your tee with the help of belt and put on a blazer and bravo, A three-piece semi-formal suit!

4. Going-On-Date Version

There are so many ways to to get all dolled up with one graphic tee like pairing it with a ruffle skirt or Circular Jeans or Bell-sleeved shrugs. Here, I paired it with my suspender dress (yes, with pockets). Accessories can always level-up the look!

5. Chandler Bing Version

If you’re a Friends fan then you know how Chandler was a huge fan of pairing his sweatshirts with T-Shirts. So, taking inspiration from him, I paired my long-sleeve dress with graphic tee and to complete the look, I put on Plazzo.

6. Vintage Version

It’s more like a 90s version when suspenders were highly popular. I believe that suspenders can change any look in a constructive way. I bought the one I’m wearing here from Amazon at a very reasonable rate. Also, I knotted my graphic tee instead of tucking it in!

Everybody is instilled with their own sense of Fashion. So, you’re free to modify any look as per your own choice.

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