1 Bandeau, 5 Fashion Styles


Bandeau, also known as tube top is a strapless narrow band mostly made of stretchable fabrics. It can be an alternative to sports bras as both the edges are finished with thick bands for a better hold.


Bandeaus date back to ancient Greece times when they were called apodesmos

It consisted of a band of wool or linen that was wrapped across the breasts and tied or pinned at the back.

Coming back to the present, Now bandeaus are not just adhere to beach wear or active wear. It’s a versatile piece of clothing and can be a part of various other fashion themes. Down below are 5 Fashion Styles in which Bandeau has a pivotal role.

1. Go Boho

Bohemian Fashion is an unconventional and very vibrant form of fashion. When we hear boho, we know that there will be oxidized jewelry. It’s not just about jewelry though, it’s also about the prints, textures, choice of colors and most importantly how we’re carrying it.

Being Boho is about being bold and confident.

Here, I paired my bandeau with a button-down printed skirt. The skirt is a bit long so I pulled it up to the upper band of my bandeau. Dark lipshade is always a must when it comes to bohemian styling. Oxidized Jewelry is what completes the whole look.

2. Go Retro

Retro or vintage fashion can be segregated into various sections like 1970s with bandanas and bell bottoms and then 1990s with suspenders and achromatics.

Bell bottom is one major highlight from back then. People are still fond of it and now, every designer launches its own way of wearing and styling bell bottoms.

Hence, I chose bell bottoms for my retro look. I love how its print is complimenting my bandeau. To give a more retro touch, I wore my scarf as a bandana/headband. Other ways to wear a bandeau for retro styling can be ; (a) With puffed sleeved off shoulder tops (b) With Denim skirts (c) With corset belts (d) With flared sleeved printed shrugs

3. Go Preppy

The word “preppy” originates from the classic style that prep schools on the East Coast are known for.

The most common patterns which can be seen in this style are stripes, Polka dots and plaids. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl is popular for her preppy styles. Tights, Blazers, long socks, Block Pleated skirts, are some garments which are included in Preppy Fashion.

I used my plaid pencil skirt to get this look. Although, this article is all about bandeaus but just to give a vivid picture, the exact preppy look would be ( plaid skirts + shirts/feminine blouses with headbands). Suspenders really helped me to get the preppy look!

4. Go Artsy

Artsy Fashion is when you play with the colors, the patterns, the silhouettes and what not. It should be unusual or unconventional.

Pop colors, exaggerated prints, exceptional cuts are some factors to keep in mind if you are going for artsy look.

Here, I didn’t play much with the tints and shades. To get the extravagant look, I used another bandeau with more elasticity so that it can cover my arm as well. I liked the result!

5. Go Casual

I don’t think there is any need to define casual fashion. It’s what we wear all day. The motive is to style it in a way that it make heads turn.

Now, we’re all wearing bandeaus casually anyway, so how else can we style it? I’ve seen people pairing it with shirts and shrugs and it looks great!

For a change, I used a really subtle skater dress of mine and wore my bandeau above it. I planned to go for a statement belt(which can be a great substitute) but anywho, went for bum bag and loved how it changed the whole look!

Everybody has their own sense of Fashion and they can modify or alter it accordingly.

I hope you liked this article, well, I really enjoyed writing and shooting for it.

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