Monochromes X Earth Tones


Monochrome (mono ; single + chrome ; color) is a color scheme defined by single hue. It’s composed of tints and shades of single base color.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

For Instance, in the above image, the color wheel is composed of several hues and every color has its own tints and shades. Tints are achieved by adding white with the base color whereas, Shades are achieved by adding grey/black.

How to rock the monochrome trend?

Monochrome is when you take the lighter and Darker hues of one color and wear it? Yes, but you should know how to style it in a way that it looks intriguing. You must’ve unintentionally carried the monochrome look in your droopy days like putting on dark blue denim jeans and light blue denim shirt to buy some groceries. Yeah, that’s what it’s. Monochrome Fashion. The question is how to make it look more fascinating so, I’m giving away FOUR TIPS according to your body type and nature of clothing.


If you’ve a peer-shaped body then try to wear dark-toned trousers with light-toned blouses because dark hues tend to make us look slimmer. Light hues, on the other hand, make us look thicker. Peer-shaped body means wider hips and if it’s paired with darker tones then body will look more balanced.


Try to add some patterns and textures. Monochrome is not about plain and simple clothes. You can always choose to wear something with alluring textures.


Accessorize it. Why just stick with the clothes? Monochrome your accessorize out. For example, If you’re choosing Red then pair your crimson skater dress with burgundy bumbag and scarlet fur rubber band. Chic? Isn’t it?


Fabric sourcing is also important. Observe how the fabric acts because every color comes out different in different fabrics. Also, you can wear shimmer when it comes to monochrome. For example, Grey satin shirt with Silver shimmer pencil skirt and Glacier Grey Heels.

Introduction to Earth Tones

Now, we know what monochrome is and how we can style it. So, it’s time to restrict it to Earth tones.

What are Earth Tones?

Earth tones are the colors of nature. The color of soil, the leafy greens, the shades of sky. Basically, anything and everything which is natural comes in this scheme.

Basic Earth Tones

The Basic Earth tones are the tones with brown in it as brown being the color of soil holds a lot of Earthy tones.

Furthermore, Earth Tones are divided into WARM Earth Tones and COOL Earth Tones. The images given below will tell you some of the basic hues which are included in both the Earthy Tones.

Warm Earth Tones

Warm Earth Tones call out the warmth. Colors like Red and Orange make us feel welcome and cosy as they reminds us of sun.

Cool Earth Tones

Cool Earth Tones reminds us of soothing parts of nature like water and plants.

4 Ways To Wear Monochrome Outfits Using Earth Tones


Both Yellow and Dijon are the part of Yellow monochrome scheme as well as Warm Earth Tones. I love yellow monochromes as they really complement each other. Other ways to wear yellow tones are (I) Rust colored corset with mustard Accordion Skirt (II) Lemon colored Bralette with Cider Sailor Pants


Burgundy and Crepe comes under Red monochrome scheme and Warm Earth Tones. We all know that adding white to Red is how we create the tones of Pink. The hues of Red look very chic and feminine. The best way to carry it is by wearing monochromatic tiered Gown!


Greens and Olives are the part Green Monochrome Scheme and Cool Earth Tones. Green monochromes evoke nature and wildlife. If you’re a nature-lover then you know, this is your pigment. They go mostly well with fitted clothes.


Greys and Blacks are the epitome of Cool Earth Tones and Monochromatic Color Scheme. The Grayscale, blacks and whites are all included in it. They’re flattering and goes well with everything.

The Monochrome trend is going to go a long way because of its easy-going nevertheless, fascinating nature. So, hop on to this trend and make heads turn! It’s not about what you wear, it’s about how you wear it.

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