How to wear CO-ORD set like a BOSS

Co-ords (also known as Co-ordinates and three-piece outfits) is becoming a regular part of this generation. As the name suggests, “Coordinate” means matching outfits, clothes which synchronize with each other. Most of us got to know about this from famous fashion websites like Shein and Romwe. From their Semi-formal co-ords to comfy shorts paired with hoodies, Shein is really giving co-ord a trendy turn. Then came our celebrities who ditched their extra sequins gowns with trails covering all the stairs for designer co-ords. They are a big hit and will be staying for a pretty long time.

We all know how millennials are carrying the co-ords. The best part about it is that as they come together it took our burden off from ‘what upper garment will go with this lower garment’ or ‘Should I go with contrasting color scheme or monotones’. It’s a quotidian set and worth spending money for. Nevertheless, the fashionista in us make us experiment.

Talking about the elephant in the room, Co-ords for Executive Wear. The first thing which hit us are those regular three-piece suits with extra regular lapels paired with boring trouser and subtle shirt. That’s not the elephant though, it’s how to wear a party-wear co-ord set at your workplace. How to let your workforce know that you’re the boss not just because you’re brainy but because you look like one. So, I chose my leopard print Co-ord set which includes a bandeau and a pencil skirt. Can tube tops really be an alternative to blazers? Read more to find out.

Office wear don’t always have to be monotonous. Prints always manage to settle themselves or mold itself to different occasions. Although, print on print isn’t a good catch when you want to look professional. Taking a look at fabrics, sparkles, baggy/ripped jeans and see-through can hinder your look. The article is about looking like a boss and not an employee, so goal is to neutralize leopard print (the given co-ord) with garments which speak professionalism.


1. Voguish

It’s not just about what garment you’re using to look bossy but what kind of hairdo and accessories you complete your look with. Gold Chain Link-Drop earrings is a huge yes when it comes to executive wear. Also, a neat ponytail is always better than messy hair left open. I don’t even feel the need to describe how important white shirts are, right?

2. Au Courant

It’s an apt headline for this kind. Au Courant has two meanings ; (a) Well-informed (b) Fashionable

A boss should always pass these two traits. Being erudite with a touch of glamour. Here, I went for plain black A-link dress. As it’s a-line, it’s giving a fishtail effect. The whole look stated harmony when accessorized with broad black belt.

3. Drooling Over Frills

I agree that Boss should look uptight but minimal frill never hurt nobody. Blending your animal prints with achromatics (Colors without hues ; White, Black and Grey) can really get you the desired outcome. Frills can be anywhere, it can be on the sleeves, neckline, cuffs and even hemline. Make sure, it doesn’t get too frill-y otherwise it’ll lose the impact.

4. Versatility

Co-ords are meant to be versatile. In this context, Bandeau is a versatile piece of garment. I wore it as an accessory, as a scarf. Putting together ‘co-ords’ differently is another way to derive better results. You can even use it as a band and make a pony-tail or even as a hand-band.



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