All about Stripes

Stripes, as we all know is an everlasting print. It can never go out of fashion and can find its way through any medium, any element or design. There are so many books just based on it because stripe itself is made up of small different theories and assumptions.

Principles of Design can be shown with the help of stripes as the print is very versatile and eye-catchy. You can observe its movements and see how your body looks different with different kinds of stripes.

Basic kinds of Stripes and their impact on Bodies

1. Horizontal Stripes : Horizontal Stripes goes from left to right and it’s very appealing. Wearing horizontal lines can make you look wider.

2. Vertical Stripes : Vertical Stripes goes from up to down. It can make you look taller and leaner.

3. Pin Stripes : As the name suggests, it’s as thin as a pin. Also, It’s really trending right now. Thin stripes can make you look thinner. Although, results will vary with the amount of space between the lines.

4. Awning/Wide Stripes : These are the opposite of Pin stripes and are very wide. They’ll surely make you look wider!

How to choose a suitable stripe for yourself

There is still a huge debate going on whether horizontal lines are more slimmering or the vertical. Helmholtz Illusion of Fashion states that Horizontal lines are more slimmering unless they’re put inside a shape. Now, people are applying there own theories to prove it wrong.

As far as I’ve observed, horizontal lines have always been making me look wider. Vertical lines go best for curvaceous women because it works as a body silhouette. Thickness of lines also matters A LOT. It’s directly proportional to our bodies. Thinner the lines, thinner you look. Wider the lines, wider you look.

Black & White lines are the most slimmering of all. Hairline black and white lines can make your body seem flatter. Whereas, multicolored stripes will do the opposite for you. So, choose your stripes wisely. You wouldn’t want to go for thick stripes if you want to look lean and petite women should definitely choose multicolored medium lines. If you are short, vertical lines is your bestfriend as it helps elongating the height.

How to rock stripes on stripes

1. Seperate them by belts

Stripes impulsively worn can look out of fashion and a bit shabby. Seperating different stripes with the help of belt, even corset belt can really up the game. Here, I wore my striped shirt over striped one-piece and hid the adjuction with black broad belt. This method is also a great way to give an illusion of your desired body structure.

2. Combine different color palettes

You have absolutely no need to restrict your color codes. You can go beyond whites and blacks and still slay! I chose white+black color palette with white+black+red and it looks pretty dope. Remember, distance between the lines also matter. It might not have looked good with garments having similar spaces between the lines.

3. Print block!

• I’m not sure if there is a term like that but you get the gist, right? Block the on going print with a contrasting splash. Here, cerise pink(dark punch) blocked the stripes really well. Knotting two shirts together is in trend so, make a good use of it.

• Here’s another way on how to print block. Print block is a good way to let people know that you’re not obsessed over a particular print.

Print block with the help of other prints. When it comes to prints on prints, people usually go for intricate work garments but let’s not stop it right there. Any intricate or floral work with a touch of western harmonize the look in its own way and it does make heads turn.

6. Read between the lines

I said it before and I’ll say it again, always be conscious about what kinds of stripes are you putting together. Uniting wrong stripes can backfire. Imagine the stripes on the shirt I’m wearing is on all the other garments as well. Not flattering, is it? There are some exceptions like three-piece suits or co-ords with well-suited stripes can change the whole game.

So, that’s all. These are just some examples of how to put stripes together. I understand that we all own different kinds of it so, this is just a guide on how to put them together wisely.

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