No blouse? No problem. Here’s how you can slay in saree without your conventional blouse!

We all know how sarees are the quintessential part of India and as the festive season is approaching, its versatility is reaching every girl’s doorstep that too, for all the right reasons. Saree has been the part of our country since 5000 years. Infact, this is the only unstitched piece of clothing which survived till now without getting molded by the modern era. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Evolution of Sarees

Sarees can be dated back to Indus Valley civilization when women did not have a tailor she could reach out to. They used to get animal skin and drape it around to hide the essentials and that’s how it all started. After sometime, animal skins were substituted by cotton and weaved fabric. Do you know why they’ve always been unstitched?

Earlier, stitching was considered impure. Ancients looked at sewed garments as tainted and unholy. This is how they were passed on to future generations. So, what were the substitutes of petticoat and blouse? Looks like the art of draping isn’t that modern, afterall. Women back then used to convert nine-yard fabric into a 3-piece set. For the lower garment, they pleated 50% of the fabric neatly and then coming upward, they wrapped few yards around their torso leaving the rest of the fabric to cover their shoulders and hands. So, now that you think about it, blouses weren’t a part of saree in any form?

According to a report by the BBC, It was Jnanadanandini Debi, the wife of Satyendranath Tagore, brother of the famous Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore who popularised blouses, jackets, chemises and the modern style of the sari in India.

After some time, cotton sarees started getting competition from banarasi, chanderi, and various other sarees originating from different parts of the country. There are now 30 types of Sarees in India pertaining to Regional as well as Traditional parts of diverse states.

Coming back to the topic, there are distinct substitutes of blouses which you might want to look into because change is the only constant, right? Blouses, no doubt, will and always be the cruz of saree but what if you don’t have it? Here, I’ve 5 ways which can serve you with the same gratification.

5 Substitutes of Blouse


Camisoles are a life-saver because of so many ways you can style them in. Cropped camisoles are in trend and for all the right reasons. Wear it over exaggerated sleeves, or under tropical shrugs, they’ll surely going to fit in. Here, I’m wearing black velvet cami top with scallop neckline. I’ve paired this with almost everything I’ve till now be it with an overcoat or even a gharara. Albeit, I draped saree in a conventional way, camisole gave it a touch of modern.


In Fashion, midriff is a mid-region of Human Torso. It’s very similar to cami crop tops. The basic difference is cami crop top comes under midriff. Midriff may/may not include sleeves. As a substitute of blouse, I chose full-sleeved button-down midriff. Midriff is the best substitute of blouse as both of them are equally capable of doing the same thing.


I’m sure you saw this one coming. Bralettes are usually made out of stretchy, lacey material. Where exotic lace makes it appealing, stretchy fabrics make it comfortable as they do not need an opening. Preferable colors are Blacks and Whites as they goes with everything. Here, I decided to lose some pleats so, I can turn it into a 3-piece suit.


It’s not always about showing your midriff, some people like it covered and that’s when peplums arrive. Peplums or an overskirt is a great way to hide your skin with classy minimalism. Angrakha style peplums give it entailed ethnicity. Ofcourse, the drapes will fluctuate according to the size of peplum top.


Shirts scream formal. The best way to keep it tidy yet chic is by taking help from your jewelry box. Now, there are end number of ways to style your shirt and keep it tasteful and trendy according to the occasion. If it’s a work party, button up. If it’s a brunch party, off-shoulder-you-go or knot it out!

Sarees will always remain a classic and timeless staple. With varieties of saree hanging in your mom’s wardrobe, the styling will change with addition to blouse alternatives. Everybody has their own sense of style and they can always alter it to their own comfort.

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