Jersey dresses are now almost everyone’s favorite because of its versatile demeanor. It’s made from comfortable fabrics like cotton blended with some synthetic material to make it stretchable. Jersey dresses are for everyone. Color palette is solid making it flexible enough to style it with anything or everything. It’s versatility touch heights but do you know what else is versatile? BLACK. We say “XYZ is the new black” albeit, we all know it’s irreplaceable.

Black jersey dresses can mold itself to any occassion if you style them right. Infact, monochromatic is evolved through Black.

A monochrome Art per se seems easy to perceive but the theory behind painting the outwardly effortless art appears to be known by few. The evolution of monochrome can be traced back to Paul Bilhaud’s Negroes Fighting in a Cellar at Night in 1982 and later expanded by another French figure. It didn’t get the major light as it was more or less a joke started by them. Inspired by the French artists, The official commencement of monochrome was done by Kazimir Malevich, the father of Suprematism who created his first monochrome painting Black Square, as a way to free art from the dead weight of the real world. Through Malevich’s Black Square, the idea of minimalism upgraded to different edges. The viewers, who used to ponder upon reality started tracing the textures and colors itself. The painting attracted contemporary artists and less is more was talk of the town.

Reasons why you should have a black jersey dress

1. It’s flexible/changeable.

2. It hugs your skin and not in a clingy way.

3. Doesn’t matter if you’re an apple, a pear or an hourglass, it’ll suit you.

4. It fits with every occasion. You have to go to work? Pair it with an overcoat. You have to attend a party? Wear some jewelry.

How To Rock Black-On-Black With Jersey Dress

1. Jersey Dress X Empire Look

Jersey dresses are very subtle. To make it more fun, pair it with a fitted bodice like crop top, corset, or even a bralette. Visual silhouette can be as flattering as seamed silhouette. Jersey dresses are more or less a-line so, you don’t have to worry about getting extra gathers. Black can come in handy as the color itself is bold enough to hide virtual as well as actual seams.

Napoleon’s first Empress “Josephine De Beauharnais” was influencial in popularizing empire line outfits.

2. Jersey Dress X Chic Look

If you want a feminine appearance, lace and fur are your bestfriends. Using both the fabrics isn’t that necessary, keeping it simple is better than overdoing it. Where fur will give you an expensive look, lace can fancy you up and what chic look is complete without a touch of gold in it? Gold gives a rich impression and to get that, accessorize yourself. You can go for a gold pendant, chain drop earrings, gold-toned belt, some pretty gold rings or Stiletto heels. Word of advice ; Try not to dive into the bundle full of Gold, that might not give you an effortlessly elegant look.

3. Jersey Dress X Preppy Look

Jersey dresses per se are very sporty. Preppy without plaids can take the whole vibe down a notch but you can still get the cheerleader look. Invest in subtle sweats and tights. If sweatshirts are too lousy for you then focus on below waist. Pair your dress with block pleated or mini skirts.

4. Jersey Dress X Biker Look

Biker look and leather goes hand in hand. Black being a dominating hue works well with the biker style. Leather jackets give a rugged and sharp vibe. To get biker look using jersey dress, first I turned it into a skater skirt and parted the dress with the help of a broad belt. Refrain yourself from jewelry and go as extravagant as you can add with blacks and/or leathers.

5. Jersey Dress X Indo-Western Look

We all know how fusion wear is taking an edge over full-fledged ethnic fashion. To get the comfortable fusion look with jersey dress, choose clothes with metallic touch like golden embroidery or bronze prints. Use jewelry for embellishments and focus on unique dupatta draping.

6. Jersey Dress X Layered Look

Layering is a smart way to enhance or alter your style. Layering can sometimes look shabby if you’re not sure about what clothes to use. Every piece should complement each other, it can be through color, texture or style in general. To go black-on-black either use tint of black (grey) or some jewelry for highlighting. Remember, at the end, it should look harmonious.

7. Jersey Dress X Executive Look

Don’t restrict your office wear to white shirts, blazers and narrow fit pants. Jersey dresses are already subtle so, it’s not very difficult to change its direction. Pair it with a semi-formal Shirt like in the given image, I’m wearing bell-sleeved shirt with tie collar. Be creative with belts and you’re more than good to go.

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